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  Include this card in an Elemental Hero Deck if you use several copies of the various Normal Monster Heroes.

§  This card works well in an Exodia Deck. If you draw an Exodia piece besides Exodia the Forbidden One, show it to your opponent to draw again.
Build a deck like this:

§  1/2/3 Heart of the Underdog;
§  1 each of Exodia pieces;
§  34/33/32 Normal Monsters with high ATK/DEF.
§  This way if you play your Heart of the Underdog card(s), you will continuously draw Normal Monsters during your Draw Phase until you get Exodia the Forbidden One (it's an Effect Monster), or another Heart of the Underdog (if you have it), or until you get all 5 pieces and win.
§  You can choose to put only 1 copy of this card in this Deck, but it will be more difficult find it if you want to have all Normal Monsters in order to make a single continuous loop of draws for a sure win. If you put 2 or 3 copies it will be easier to find them, but the loop could be suddenly interrupted if you get another copy while you're drawing continuously.
You can also put some Spell or Trap cards to help you drawing or thin your deck instead of some Normal Monsters if you want:

§  Reload (especially useful as it can be used in the Draw Phase);
§  Hand Destruction (also usable in the Draw Phase)
and others.
§  Use this card in a deck that features 3 copies of all 5 VWXYZ Cards. V-Tiger Jet and X-Head Cannon are Normal Monsters.
§  Another idea is to take advantage of your Draw Phase. During this time, you can Draw like regular and activate this card's effect. Then when you are done drawing (due to drawing a non-Normal Monster card), you can activate a card that ends with you drawing such as the quick play Reload or traps that let you draw such as Jar of Greed or Legacy of Yata-Garasu. As long as the Last thing to occur is you drawing a Normal Monster, you may activate this card's effect.
§  You can even use multiples of this card to increase the amount of cards you draw each time you end with a Normal Monster because it will only need the last card to be a Normal Monster to activate all of their effects again.

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