Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari May 8, 2010

With all the talk about The Shining Darkness in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community these days, it’s a surprise we haven’t talked about the card on the front of the pack! With a whole arsenal of new Blackwing cards added to the deck, there has been a lot of buzz about how much of a force Blackwing decks will be in the near future.

Crow’s new Black-Winged Dragon isn’t a Blackwing, however. You can put it in your Blackwing Deck, but you can also use it in your Extra Deck no matter what Deck you play. It’s a Level 8 Synchro Monster that doesn’t need any specific Tuner monster to go with it. It’s got 2800 ATK and 2 cool effects!
The best part about Black-Winged Dragon is that, for the cost of one space in your Extra Deck (or even your side deck if you’d prefer to bring it out after game 1), you can completely shut down and annihilate an entire strategy. With Black-Winged Dragon on your side of the field, whenever any effect is activated that deals damage to your life points, you place one “Black Feather Counter” on your Black-Winged Dragon instead. For every Black Feather Counter on your Dragon, it loses 700 ATK.
What this means is that every time an effect is activated that does damage to your life points, you have to take greater care to protect your Dragon from being destroyed by battle. Thankfully, his effect doesn’t end there. During your turn, you may remove all Black Feather Counters on Black-Winged Dragon and select one face-up monster your opponent controls, that monster loses 700 ATK for each counter you remove. That’s not all though, your opponent also loses life points equal to that same amount! This will allow you to strengthen your Dragon, weaken your opponent’s monster, and drop your opponent’s life points all with the same great effect. Since Black-Winged Dragon completely nullifies all life point damaging effects, if you ever happen to face a deck that revolves around dealing quick life point damage through card effects (commonly referred to as a “Burn” deck), you can quickly bring the Dragon out and essentially win instantly.
Defeating Burn decks isn’t all Black-Winged Dragon is good for, he can help you with your own card effects as well. You can even use anfavorite of mine from Pharaoh’s Servant,Graverobber, without any drawbacks thanks to Black-Winged Dragon. Using the effect ofGraverobber, you can select a Spell Card in your opponent’s Graveyard and use it in your hand. Unfortunately, if you activate that Spell Card, you take 2000 points of damage. WithBlack-Winged Dragon on your side of the field, however, you can take any Spell Card in your opponent’s Graveyard and use it at absolutely no cost to your life points!
These are just a few of the things Black-Winged Dragon is capable of. It’s also another big Dragon to Summon using Debris Dragon, and a worthy inclusion in almost any Extra Deck. Give it a try!

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