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No two Duels are ever the same. Some can end in just a few short turns, and others can last a really long time! Infernity Decks need to be able to handle both kinds of Duels. Your strategy for slower Duels will be different than your strategy for faster Duels, and you’ll want to play some different cards than usual too. This week, we’ll talk about slow Duels and the cards you can use to help you win them. 
Some Decks are designed to play 1 monster at a time and then protect it with lots of Spell and Trap Cards. Gladiator Beasts are a good example of this kind of Deck. It can be really dangerous to Special Summon a lot of monsters and go for the quick win if your opponent has a lot of Set Spell and Trap Cards, so here are some cards you can use to break through your opponent’s defenses. 

Card #1: If you have no cards in your hand, your opponent can’t use any of his Spell and Trap Cards when you attack with Infernity Beast. Making 5 direct attacks with Infernity Beast is a slow but sure way to win a Duel! You can always use cards like Smashing Ground andDimensional Prison to get rid of your opponent’s monster so that your Infernity Beast can attack directly.
Card #2: Infernity Barrier lets you negate any Spell, Trap, or monster effect your opponent uses. This card is almost always useful!
Card #3: Wave-Motion Inferno really shines in a slow Duel. It lets your Infernity monsters out-muscle many popular monsters and lets you discard your hand if necessary.
Card #4: If you expect your Duel to take a long time, Phantom Hand is a nice card to have around. Instead of playing all your cards quickly, you can temporarily remove them from play with Phantom Hand to keep them safe from your opponent, and let you use your Infernity effects. Then you get your hand back next turn.
One of the benefits of Phantom Hand is that the cards removed by it are completely safe from your opponent. They can’t be destroyed, and your opponent can’t see them. Even if Phantom Hand is destroyed, you still get your cards back during your next Standby Phase.
Card #5: Infernity Force can destroy your opponent’s monster when it attacks, and Special Summon an “Infernity” monster from your Graveyard. This card is good for destroying the monster your opponent is trying to protect, so you can attack directly.

If your opponent is playing lots of cards like Smashing Ground, the Damage Gate Trap Card can also be useful to have around. You don’t need to have 0 cards in your hand to playDamage Gate, you just need to take Battle Damage. When you do, you can activate Damage Gate and Special Summon any monster from your Graveyard with ATK less than or equal to the damage you took.
 You can Summon Infernity Necromancer with Damage Gate because it has 0 ATK. This is good because Infernitiy Necromancer has lots of Defense Points and can block further attacks. Then, you can use its effect to Special Summon an “Infernity” monster on your turn and go back on the offensive!
Infernity Guardian is another great card that can protect you from almost anything. It can’t be destroyed at all while you have no cards in your hand! Even if you aren’t drawing the cards you need, as long as you can keep your hand empty, you can defend yourself with Infernity Guardian until you get the cards you need.

Infernity Doom Dragon is a powerful new Synchro Monster that works a lot like Dark End Dragon. You can destroy a monster with it every turn and inflict damage to your opponent equal to half that monster’s ATK. You can’t attack with Infernity Doom Dragon on the turn that you use that effect, but your other monsters still can. If your opponent plays a monster every turn, you can just destroy it with Infernity Doom Dragon and then attack with your indestructible Infernity Guardian. It’ll take a while, but eventually you’ll be victorious!

Playing a slow Duel with your Infernity Deck isn’t always ideal, but sometimes it’s going to happen. Your opponent’s Side Deck choices are going to be aimed towards disrupting your deadliest combos, so it’s important to have backup plans. If all else fails, Summoning anInfernity Beast and switching gears to a more defensive strategy can really pay off.
 Join us again next week as we wrap up the countdown to Infernity, just in time for The Shining Darkness Sneak Peek!

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