Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Feb 16, 2012

The photon crusher is lv 4 warrior monster with 2000 atk power which makes it similar to "Goblin Attack Force"  but it has the same draw back in changing to defence position  if attacked   fortunately  you can overcome that  by the use of  "Final Attack Order" which returns it to attack  position deleting the weak point  of crusher

Especially if summoned it on your first turn that can be done by searching it by "Reinforcement of the Army"  or "Photon Lizard"  effect  and if lucky enough and you got the photon Thrasher  which look  like a brother of photon crusherlv4 warrior monster  with effect of easy summing requirement if your opponent control monster and you don’t you got to special summon it with high Atk power with 2100  making you demounting the  field  but there is always  a weak point if you control anther monster it cannot attack  this why you need activate "skill drain" to delete the weak point

Put  both of them in the field and you can special summon  the A monster Galaxy –Eyes photon dragon  lv 8 monster 3000 atk the top of photon monster leading them to victory especially in  the present of xyz monster with different effect developing great monster  with ease so our dragon is the to stand  in front of them by it effect banishing monster during either player battle step  and if happen to be xyz minster it increase 500 atk point for every xyz material  they before been banished knowing at least there is at least  2 xyz material for the monster  attack can reach  4000 point and negating attacking effect it make it impossible to defeat  by  other  monster  ad if that not enough you can opponent weak monster and banish both of them to activate zero force to depilate very strong monster atk

So  setback  and drive the ultimate attack  with no fear  but remember it is not immune to trap or spell  destroying cards  like mirror force  in that case the  by attention to opponent move during placing cards  he will try to destroy it there where  you  act  first  and activate  Heavy Storm wiping the whole filed and  get  victory tag 

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