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It’s the holiday season, and that means lots of things for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Duelists. New holiday tins, a new booster set right around the corner (Order of Chaos), and new foil cards in Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion, which came out this month.But at your local Official Tournament Store, another thing that December brings is the latest set of Duelist League prize cards! There are 2 Duelist League sets every year: one in December to keep you busy during the cold winter months, and another in June as the summer Dueling season kicks off.(Not sure what Duelist League is all about? It’s a fun weekly event for Duelists age 14 & under. You can find more info down below!)Every Duelist League card is a Rare card, with a specially colored foil title. Each Duelist League card comes in 4 different versions, each with a different color title: Blue, Green, Purple, or Red! There are 20 cards in the set, each in 4 colors each, for 80 cards total.And Duelist League is the ONLY place on Earth that you can get these special color cards.The latest set is Duelist League 13. And it’s focused on some very special monsters:Ninjas! New Ninjas are coming in Order of Chaos, so Duelist League 13 gives you a chance to grab some of the older Ninjas before that!Insects! The incredible Inzektors also make their first appearance in Order of Chaos. Looking for more bugs? Duelist League can help with that. (And if you’re looking for some defense against the Inzektors, check out Insect Barrier!)Dinosaurs! The “Evol” monsters first showed up in Photon Shockwave: Evoltiles, Evolsaurs, and Evolzars. Now you can grab some older Dinosaur-Type monsters to help fill out your Dino Deck..Here’s the full card list for Duelist League 13. And remember, each card comes in 4 colors!Armed NinjaShining AngelFlying Kamakiri #1Crimson NinjaStrike NinjaPinch HopperHowling InsectGranmarg the Rock MonarchWhite NinjaUltimate TyrannoBlack StegoBabycerasaurusGorz the Emissary of DarknessInsect BarrierDark Factory of Mass ProductionAncient RulesZombie WorldFossil DigUltimate OfferingMagic Drain.Here’s how Duelist League works:You can find a local Duelist League store here.Duelist League lasts for just 2 hours, and you don’t have to play for the whole time.Each Duelist gets 3 Duelist Tickets. (Remember the Locator Cards from Battle City? Duelist Tickets are kind of like that!)You can Duel against anyone else in the store.The winner of a Duel gets 1 Duelist Ticket from their opponent.As soon as you reach 5 Duelist Tickets, you can “cash out” by exchanging them for 1 Duelist League prize card of your choice.After the 2 hours, anybody who hasn’t cashed out gets a prize card, too. Starting with the Duelists with 4 Tickets, then the Duelists with 3 Tickets, etc.If you lose your last Duelist Ticket, you’re out of the competition, but you immediately get a prize card. However, the prize card is random –you don’t get to choose!Sound like fun? That’s because it is! So be sure to check with your local Official Tournament Store about when they’ll have Duelist League 13!

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