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The Sacred Beasts were the most feared monsters of the Duel Academy years, and you’ll find all 3 in every Legendary Collection 2!  Each of these fearsome behemoths has a unique Special Summon requirement.  Meet it, and you’ll command one of the fiercest monsters of all time.  Here’s how you can unleash your new Sacred Beast cards.
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms is a 4000 ATK powerhouse, and every time your opponent Normal Summons, it Special Summons a Phantasm Token to defend you.  The Phantasms can be used for Tribute Summons too, and they’re Level 1 monsters for Synchro Summons.  Raviel even has an effect that lets you Tribute a monster once a turn, boosting Raviel’s ATK by the original Attack Points of the Tributed monster.  Tribute a Phantasm to boost Raviel to 5000 Attack Points.
To Special Summon Raviel, you have to Tribute 3 Fiend-Type monsters, and Photon Shockwavehas a really easy way to do that.  The new monster card D-Boyz has a Flip Effect that lets you Special Summon any number of D-Boyz from your Deck.  You take 1000 damage for each 1 you bring out, so usually you’ll lose 2000 Life Points for a total of 3 D-Boyz.  Since they’re Fiend-Types, you can Tribute them all for Raviel; you’ll only lose 1 card from your hand, since the rest come straight from your Deck.
Remember, you can use cards that Special Summon Fiend-Type Token Monsters to Summon Raviel, too!  Phantom Skyblaster Special Summons Fiend-Type Tokens when it’s Normal Summoned, so it’s a great combo.  It was promoted to a slick-looking Secret Rare in Legendary Collection 2, so you might even find one in your Mega-Packs.
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder has 4000 ATK, and its effect deals 1000 damage to your opponent whenever Hamon destroys a monster by battle.  Even if your opponent plays their monsters in Defense Position, they’ll still take damage.
You Special Summon Hamon by sending 3 face-up Continuous Spell Cards to the Graveyard.  You could use Spells like SolidarityMessenger of Peace, or Burden of the Mighty, but the easiest way to Summon Hamon is to play it with Crystal Beasts.  Whenever a Crystal Beast monster is destroyed, it becomes a Continuous Spell Card.  It’s easy to crystallize 3 Crystal Beasts, and once you do, you can send them to the Graveyard to unleash Hamon.
Uria may be the fiercest Sacred Beast of them all.  Once a turn, it can destroy 1 of your opponent’s Set Spell or Trap Cards, and your opponent can’t Chain to Uria’s effect with any Spells or Traps.  If your opponent has Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute Set, and you activate Uria’s effect when you Summon it, the opponent won’t be able to chain that Trap in response.  Uria starts off with 0 ATK, but it gains 1000 Attack Points for every Continuous Trap in your Graveyard.
That’s really good, because you Special Summon Uria by sending 3 face-up Trap Cards to the Graveyard.  Uria will always hit the field with at least 3000 ATK, but it could have as many as 5000 Attack Points or more – the sky’s the limit.  Here are just a few of the Continuous Traps you could play with Uria…
-Fiendish Chain will stop a monster from attacking or using its effect.  Defend yourself with it as you set up your Uria combo.
-Begone, Knave! bounces any monster that deals Battle Damage back to its owner’s hand.  That keeps the field clear for a big attack with Uria.
-Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match keep your opponent from Summoning monsters.
-When Imperial Custom is active, no other Continuous Traps can be destroyed.  It protects the other Continuous Traps you play in your Uria Deck.
Build your Deck, make your combos, and get ready to unleash some of the most feared monsters in Dueling!  Two attacks is all it takes for your opponents to succumb to the Sacred Beasts.

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