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Light and Darkness Dragon has been a fixture of Dueling since its release. The thing is, despite how long it’s been around and in use, a lot of Duelists still don’t know how to best use it to their advantage. Here’s are the do’s and don’ts of Dueling with Light and Darkness Dragon!
 Don’t Summon monsters while you have Light and Darkness Dragon on the field!
This is a big mistake that a lot of Duelists are guilty of. It happens often in my area and every time it happens it ends in a loss for the guilty party. When you successfully summon your Light and Darkness Dragon, you have locked down your opponent and left them with very few options. This doesn’t mean that you want to swarm your field with monsters, Set a bunch of Traps, and attack with everything you have despite your opponent’s three backrow cards. There are multiple ways to destroy an opposing Light and Darkness Dragon, and if your opponent does destroy your Dragon, you’re going to be sad when your entire field goes down with it.
Don’t Tribute your Sangan or Dandylion to Tribute Summon your Dragon!
I’ve seen many newer players do things like this. They’re so excited about being able to bring out their massive Dragon, that they’re totally okay with Tributing monsters like Sangan orDandylion in order to bring it out. What they don’t realize is, as soon as the Dragon is Summoned, that Sangan or Dandylion is going to start a Chain with its effect, and Light and Darkness Dragon is going to try to negate it. So not only do you no longer get your tokens from Dandylion or your monster added to your hand from Sangan, but your Dragon is now only 2300 ATK and can negate 1 less opposing card.
Do use your chainable Spells and Traps to take care of an opposing Dragon!
What a lot of Duelists don’t realize is that Light and Darkness Dragon doesn’t negate everything no matter what no questions asked. If you activate a Spell or Trap, Light and Darkness Dragon will activate and attempt to negate that card, but you can then Chain another Spell or Trap card to the Dragon and the Dragon will not be able to negate that one. This means that if you use Book of Moon when your opponent attacks with Light and Darkness Dragon, you can Chain Dimensional Prison to the Dragon’s negation effect to successfully remove it from play! This is a quick and easy way to eliminate Light and Darkness Dragon from the field, and considering how much of a nuisance he can be, anything you can do to get rid of it without much trouble is welcome.
Don’t just throw your Spells and Traps at the Dragon without thinking!
Seriously, just don’t. While you may want to eliminate the Dragon as soon as possible, you have to remember that if you’re facing a good opponent, they aren’t going to commit anything else to the field as long as their Dragon is there. This means that as long as you can survive a few shots, it might be worth it to hold on to the cards you have, take a couple shots to your Life Points, and draw a couple more cards. This could be the difference between being left with absolutely nothing after the Dragon leaves the field, to being able to eliminate the Dragon with only a couple cards, leaving you with a strong monster, and multiple Spells and Traps to back it up.
Light and Darkness Dragon is definitely a force to be reckoned with, but it can definitely be defeated with the right combination of intelligence, luck, and skill. Now that you know how to handle it and the most common pitfalls in Dueling against it, you can pick up your own Light and Darkness Dragon in Storm of Ragnarok Special Edition!

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