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Forbidden Lance is an excellent armament for you to bring into any Duel. It can protect your monsters, weaken your opponent’s forces, and lead your army to triumph in battle.
Forbidden Lance is a Quick-Play Spell Card that lets you reduce a monster’s ATK by 800, in order to make it immune to Spell and Trap Cards until the End Phase. There are 2 common ways that this can help you.
First, you can use it on your own monsters, to protect them from your opponent’s card effects. For example, if you Chain Forbidden Lance to your opponent’s Bottomless Trap Hole,Smashing Ground, or Book of Moon, your monster will be unfazed by your opponent’s card.
Forbidden Lance stops all of these cards!
Forbidden Lance stops all of these cards!
Second, you can use it against your opponent’s monsters to make them weak enough for your monsters to destroy in battle.
Forbidden Lance is especially good in Gladiator Beast Decks, where the undisrupted Summon of Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, and advantageous attacks with Gladiator Beasts, define the Deck’s success. You can use Forbidden Lance to protect your Gladiator Beast Bestiari so that it doesn’t get removed from the Duel by Dimensional Prison or Bottomless Trap Hole, to defend your Elemental Hero Prisma so that it can’t be turned face-down by Book of Moonbefore changing its name, and to make sure your plans to Summon Gladiator Beast Gyzarusand score a successful attack go off without a hitch.
Lots of times, Forbidden Lance will work like Trap Stun, to protect your monster from Trap Cards for the turn. But it also has the added flexibility of stopping Spell Cards and being activated on the turn you draw it.
Even if your opponent doesn’t draw any Spell or Trap Cards to use against your monsters, your Forbidden Lance won’t go to waste. Using Forbidden Lance to reduce an opponent’s monster’s ATK by 800 can make a big difference in a battle. Stardust Dragon, for example, is a 2500 ATK Synchro Monster that can sometimes be tough for Gladiator Beast Duelists to destroy. But with Forbidden Lance reducing its ATK to 1700, even an 1800 ATK Gladiator Beast Laquari can attack right over it. When you use Forbidden Lance to win a battle with your Gladiator Beast, you’ll even get to tag-out and trigger the effect of a Gladiator Beast in your Deck.
Use Forbidden Lance to defeat your opponent’s strongest monsters in battle. Do it with a Gladiator Beast/Flamvell Firedog/Shura, and you’ll also be able to tag-out for a new one!
Use Forbidden Lance to defeat your opponent’s strongest monsters in battle. Do it with a Gladiator Beast/Flamvell Firedog/Shura, and you’ll also be able to tag-out for a new one!
There are a few important things you should know about Forbidden Lance if you’re going to use it in your Deck. Since it’s a Quick-Play Spell Card that modifies the ATK of a monster, you can activate it in the Damage Step, before Damage Calculation. This means you can attack your opponent’s monster with a weaker one, and then activate Forbidden Lance after it’s too late for your opponent to stop the attack with a card like Dimensional Prison or Book of Moon.
But be careful! Forbidden Lance can’t be activated in the Damage Step if it’s after Damage Calculation. This means that if you attack an opponent’s Set Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter with one of your monsters, you won’t be able to Chain a face-down Forbidden Lance to Ryko’s effect. This can be a problem if your opponent targets your face-down Lance with Ryko’s effect, and you were counting on the 800 ATK reduction to take down an opponent’s monster.
Note that you can use Forbidden Lance after Ryko flips face-up, as long as it’s before Ryko’s effect activates, since that’s still before Damage Calculation. In rare situations, this may actually be a strong play.
Forbidden Lance is a useful Spell Card that can protect anything from the strongest Aesirs to the weakest Gladiators, and help you defeat your opponent’s behemoths in battle. You can grab the Lance for the first time at the Storm of Ragnarok Sneak Peek on February 5th and 6th!

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