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Royal Decree can be a tough card to face. Like Trap Stun, it negates all Trap Cards on the field. But unlike Trap Stun, its effect doesn’t wear off at the end of the turn. Decks like Blackwings, which use Trap Cards like Icarus Attack, and the upcoming Nordic Deck, which takes advantage of Trap Cards like Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir and the Nordic Relics are especially vulnerable to Royal Decree. Every Deck that uses Traps like Bottomless Trap Hole,Solemn WarningTorrential Tribute, and Mirror Force, are also weakened while Royal Decree is face-up. That’s why it’s important to know how to get around Royal Decree.
There are 2 approaches you can take to get around Royal Decree. The first, and usually most effective approach, is to destroy Royal Decree so that you’re able to play your Trap Cards again.
Cards like Mystical Space Typhoon and Breaker the Magical Warrior are versatile cards that can take down any of your opponent’s Spell and Trap Cards, including Royal Decree. Using these cards in your Deck will help you make sure that there are solutions to Royal Decree for you to draw into. Other cards like Twister and Double Cyclone can take down Royal Decreetoo.

Even though Royal Decree negates all Trap Cards, there are also Trap Cards that can destroy it. If you Chain a Trap Card to Royal Decree, the Trap Card will be able to resolve withoutRoyal Decree negating it. If that Trap Card destroys Royal Decree, you’ll get it off of the field for good!
For example, let’s say that you activate Mirror Force when your opponent’s monster attacks, and your opponent Chains Royal Decree to try to negate Mirror Force. If you Chain a Trap Card like Dust Tornado or Fairy Wind to destroy Royal Decree, you can get Royal Decreeinto the Graveyard and make sure your Mirror Force destroys all of your opponent’s Attack Position monsters. Counter Traps like Seven Tools of the Bandit and Solemn Judgment can also be Chained to Royal Decree in order to negate its activation and destroy it.
Since Trap Cards can’t be activated the turn they’re Set, you may also be able to destroyRoyal Decree before your opponent can flip it. If you activate a Trap Card like Delta Crow – Anti Reverse or Icarus Attack in the End Phase of the turn that your opponent Sets Royal Decree, you can destroy Royal Decree before your opponent gets a chance to activate it.
Some Decks have their own ways of destroying Royal Decree. Gladiator Beasts, for example, can destroy it by tagging in Gladiator Beast Bestiari from the Deck and using its effect. Harpie Decks can use the effect of Harpies’ Hunting Ground to take it down whenever a Harpie is Summoned. X-Sabers can destroy it with Saber Slash while there’s an X-Saber on the field. Lots of different Decks can use different cards to destroy Royal Decree. As long as you’re using some of those cards, Royal Decree won’t be able to shut down your plays.
The second approach to getting around Royal Decree involves using fewer Trap Cards. Quick-Play Spell Cards like Book of Moon and Enemy Controller offer  similar protection to Trap Cards, but can’t be negated by Royal Decree. Side Decking out Trap Cards when you know that your opponent will be using Royal Decree in the next Duel will help you minimize your bad draws, so that you only draw cards that you can use successfully.
Trap Stun is a particularly great card to Side Deck out when you suspect that your opponent will use Royal Decree in the next Duel. With Royal Decree face-up, Trap Stun’s effect is redundant. Plus, even if your opponent doesn’t draw his Royal Decree or flip it face-up, if he’s using Royal Decree in his Deck, he probably isn’t using any Trap Cards for you to negate withTrap Stun.
Quick-Play Spell Cards like Book of Moon and Enemy Controller can’t be stopped by Royal Decree.

Royal Decree is a popular card in a lot of the top Decks. But if you prepare a strategy that gets around it, you’ll have no problem taking down opponents that play it!

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