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Duelists put a lot of effort into building up a field that enables a Synchro Summon. X-Saber Duelists need 6 Levels worth of monsters to Synchro Summon XX-Saber Hyunlei, and Quickdraw Duelists need 8 Levels worth of monsters to Synchro Summon Junk Destroyer. Just about any Deck can Synchro Summon Goyo Guardian and Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, but only if it has Tuners and non-Tuners on the field whose Levels add up to exactly 6.Mischief of the Yokai can mess up your opponent’s most calculated plans for Synchro Summons, while giving you new options to Synchro Summon whenever you need them.
Each face-up monster on the field loses 2 Levels, until the End Phase. You can remove from play this card from your Graveyard to select 1 face-up monster, and reduce its Level by 1, until the End Phase. This effect cannot be activated the turn this card is sent to the Graveyard.
Mischief of the Yokai reduces the Level of all face-up monsters on the field by 2. Since at least 2 monsters are needed to perform every Synchro Summon, this usually reduces the total Level of the monsters being used in the Synchro Summon by at least 4! An opponent planning to Tune his Level 4 Debris Dragon with his Level 3 Dandylion to Synchro Summon Black Rose Dragon will be stopped in his tracks when you flip Mischief of the Yokai. A Level 2 Tuner and Level 1 non-Tuner can’t be used to Synchro Summon anything!
Since a monster can never go below Level 1, some monsters, like SporeGlow-Up Bulb, andFluff Tokens are unaffected by Mischief of the Yokai, while others, like Krebons andPlaguespreader Zombie will only lose 1 Level when it’s activated. Keep this in mind when trying to disrupt your opponent’s plays.
You can also remove Mischief of the Yokai from your Graveyard to reduce a monster’s Level by 1, until the End Phase. This can change an opponent’s devastating Debris Dragon forBlack Rose Dragon play, into the Synchro Summon of Iron Chain Dragon. It can also stifle an opponent’s attempt to Synchro Summon XX-Saber Hyunlei, when he’s planning to Tune XX-Saber Boggart Knight with X-Saber Pashuul.
Of course, there are also advantages to reducing the Level of a monster, and Mischief of the Yokai lets you exploit them for your own purposes. Formula Synchron, for example, is a Level 2 Synchro Monster that can be Tuned with Stardust Dragon to Synchro Summon Shooting Star Dragon. Sometimes, it can be tough to Summon the Level 1 Tuner and Level 1 non-Tuner needed to Synchro Summon Formula Synchron. But with Mischief of the Yokai reducing the Level of monsters on the field, there are more ways than ever before to Summon low-Level Synchro monsters.
Mischief of the Yokai can help you Synchro Summon Formula Synchron and Shooting Star Dragon.

Mischief of the Yokai can ruin an opponent’s play and help you set up a big combo. You can first experience the mischief at the Starstrike Blast Sneak Peek on November 6th and 7th!

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