Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Jun 13, 2010

Turbo Pack 3 contains 21 cards for tournament players to enjoy at their local card shops. This special prize pack is not a for-sale item, and is available only to Duelists for participation in officially sanctioned events. Turbo Pack 3 gives Duelists their first chance ever to get foil versions of popular cards like Rescue Cat and Rekindling, plus the first foil Morphtronic monster ever: Morphtronic Celfon. It also reprints many popular cards so that new players can get their hands on them and improve their Decks, including Magical Android and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer.

The Turbo Pack 3 set contains 21 cards:
  • 1 Ultimate Rare
  • 1 Ultra Rare
  • 4 Super Rares
  • 6 Rares
  • 9 Commons

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