Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari May 15, 2010

Genex Neutron is a level 4 Machine-Type Monster with 1800 Attack Points and 1200 Defense Points. You can add a Machine-Type Tuner Monster from your Deck to your hand during the End Phase of the turn you Normal Summon Genex Neutron, and with the recent success of Quickdraw Synchron, you’d better be paying close attention to what this card is capable of.

There are lots of Machine-Type Tuners to search out with Genex Neutron. The most obvious one is Genex Controller, which lets you Synchro Summon Genex Synchro Monsters like Hydro Genex. Of course, the most obvious choice isn’t always the best choice. It depends on what kind of cards you like to play.

You can choose Black Salvo if you have a Level 4 DARK Machine-Type Monster in your Graveyard, or Turbo Rocket if your opponent only has a few Life Points remaining and you need a quick way to go for the win. You could also choose based on whatever Level of Synchro Monster you may need. If you need Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, search a Level 2 Tuner Monster. If you need to wipe the field clean with the effect of Black Rose Dragon, search a Level 3 Tuner Monster to go with your Genex Neutron or another level 4 monster. Genex Neutron has exclusive access to almost all of Yusei’s “Synchron” Tuner Monsters as well. From Quickdraw Synchron to Drill Synchron to Turbo Synchron, whatever Synchron you need, you’ll get.

Maybe Yusei should consider using Genex Neutron in his Deck?

Speaking of putting Genex Neutron into other Decks, Neutron would go great splashed in other Decks, like a Morphtronic Deck. One problem a Morphtronic Deck tends to have is a lack of monsters that are powerful on their own. Genex Neutron is able to provide a fairly large amount of Attack Points while at the same time allowing you to search Morphtronic Remoten or Morphtronic Scopen from your Deck, based on whatever you may happen to need. Next turn you can easily make that all important Power Tool Dragon and start all the shenanigans Morphtronic Decks are known for.

My favourite part about Genex Neutron is that no matter how long you hold onto it, it will always be getting better. Any time a new Machine-Type Tuner Monster is released, that’s just one more strategy for you to employ. Think about it for a while, and I’m sure you can figure out a way to use it in a Deck of your own as well.

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