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The Machina Mayhem Structure Deck was just released, and it’s already making its impact. Decks based around the Machina monsters are being played in tournaments around the world. Machina Duelists can fill the field with big monsters, replacing the cards in their hands along the way.

Machina Gearframe is the heart of a Machina Gadget Deck. It has 1800 ATK and lets you search your Deck for any “Machina” monster other than Machina Gearframe to add to your hand when it’s Normal Summoned. Most Machina Gadget Decks use Machina Peacekeeper, Machina Fortress, and Machina Force, but some also use Machina Sniper and even Machina Soldier.

                             Use Machina Gearframe to search your Deck for other Machina monsters!

 Machina Peacekeeper lets you search your Deck for any Union Monster to add to your hand when it’s destroyed, even if it’s destroyed while equipped to one of your monsters. (Remember, you can equip a Union Monster on your side of the field to a monster you control to protect it from destruction.) That means you can search for Machina Gearframe or another Machina Peacekeper. Machina Peacekeeper even lets you search for a new Union Monster if its destroyed while equipped to your monster.

Machina Fortress is the brute force in a Machina Gadget Deck. It has 2500 ATK and can be Special Summoned from your hand or Graveyard by discarding Machine-Type monsters whose total Levels are 8 or more. You can discard Machina Fortress itself and it’ll count as 7 Levels towards Special Summoning it from your Graveyard. You can discard any other Machine-Type monster with it to Special Summon Machina Fortress right away.

Since Machina Fortress destroys any 1 card your opponent controls when it’s destroyed in battle and discards a card from your opponent’s hand when it’s targeted by a monster effect, your opponent may have a lot of trouble getting it off the field without its effects kicking in. If your opponent manages to destroy it, you’ll be able to Special Summon it back from the Graveyard just by discarding more Machines.

Machina Force is a Level 10 monster that some people like to put in their Deck, even though they can’t Summon it. Since it has such a high Level, you can discard it by itself to Special Summon your Machina Fortress. You can also grab it from the Deck with Machina Gearframe whenever you have Machina Fortress in your Graveyard.

It’s easy to get Machina Fortress in the Graveyard to set up this play. Scrap Recycler can send it straight from your Deck to your Graveyard as soon as it’s Normal Summoned. Since Scrap Recycler lets you draw a card once per turn by sending 2 Level 4 Machine-Type EARTH monsters from your Graveyard to your Deck, it also helps to refill your hand and your Deck.

The Gadgets are the perfect monsters to use with Scrap Recycler and Machina Fortress. They’re all Level 4 Machine-Type EARTH monsters, and they each add a different Gadget from your Deck to your hand when they’re Summoned. Green Gadget searches your Deck for Red Gadget, Red Gadget searches your Deck for Yellow Gadget, and Yellow Gadget searches your Deck for Green Gadget. The Gadgets create a loop that lets you refill your hand every time one of them is Summoned.

Scrap Recycler returns Gadgets from your Graveyard to your Deck, so it can take a while for you to run out of Gadgets.

Since you can only Normal Summon one monster per turn, you may end up with too many Gadgets in your hand. Luckily, you can discard them to Special Summon Machina Fortress. Machina Gadget Decks are able to put any card to good use. This is a dangerous strength when combined with the Deck’s power to build up a large hand size.

Most Machina Gadget Decks use defensive cards like Dimensional Prison, Bottomless Trap Hole, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Shrink to protect their monsters. Since Gadgets have low ATK, these cards are needed to keep them on the field for more than one turn. Since the Gadgets also create a loop that makes sure you never run out of monsters to Summon, these Spell and Trap Cards are the perfect cards to draw. Spell Cards like Smashing Ground are also good to draw when you have plenty of monsters to Summon, since they clear the way for those monsters to make Direct Attacks.

There are other powerful cards in Machina Gadget Decks too. Limiter Removal, for example, doubles the ATK of all of your Machines, allowing you to beat your opponent in a single turn! After Limiter Removal is activated, Machina Fortress will have 5000 ATK and Machina Gearframe will have 3600 ATK. Getting the strength of your monsters to add up to 8000 ATK is easy when you draw Limiter Removal.

Machina Gadget Duelists can easily bring out Machina Fortress and keep lots of cards in their hands even after Summoning a bunch of monsters. Duelists who are unprepared to play against the Deck will have a tough time beating it.

                  Strong Spell and Trap Cards are the lynchpin of a successful Machina Gadget Deck.

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