Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Dec 19, 2015

Moon-Light Panther Dancer
Level 8 DARK Beast-Warrior-Type Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 2800
DEF 2500
“Moon-Light Cat Dancer” + 1 “Moon-Light” monster
Cannot be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck except by Fusion Summoning it using the above mentioned cards as Fusion Material Monsters.
(1) This card cannot be destroyed by your opponent’s card effects.
(2) Once per turn, during your Main Phase 1: You can activate this effect; Each monster your opponent controls cannot be destroyed by battle once, also this card can attack all monsters your opponent controls twice each this turn.
(3) If this card destroys an opponent’s monster by battle: It gains 200 ATK until the end of the Battle Phase.

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