Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari May 23, 2015


18th July 2015 (Tokyo)
25th July 2015 (Osaka

VF15-JP001 Entermate La Panda 「EMラ・パンダ」
EARTH/Beast - Pendulum - Effect/3/800/(???)
The Monster Effect of "Entermate La Panda" can only be used once per turn. ①: You can activate this effect when a Pendulum Monster you control is selected as attack target. Negate that attack.
Pendulum Effect:
Blue 3 / Red 3
①: Once per turn, you can activate this effect during your Main Phase. Increase the Pendulum Scale of this card by 1 (max. 12)
Ultra Rare
VF15-JP001 Entermate La Panda

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