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D / D / D Wave Oblivion Overlord Caesar Ragnarok

Dark / Demon / Monster Fusion - Effects / LV 10 / ATK 3200 / DEF 3000 The monster is named "D / D / D". 2 effects: (1) time per turn, this card announcement attack, you can select 1 card with the name "D / D" or "Covenant" leaves you control; Put that card into your hand. And wearing monster cards face up on the field, one of the opponents to this card. The monster that this card battle. (2) This card ATK equal to the sum of attack precursors monster all wear them with this card effect. of this card.

D / D / D Twin Founding Overlord Kali Yuga

Dark / Demon / Monster Xyz - Effects / Ranck 8 / ATK 3500 / DEF 3000 The monster is named "D / D" Level 8 x2 S. Effects: (1) In turn, this card is Xyz Summoned successfully, card or effect all the cards on the field can not be used. And the effect of those cards will be negated. (2) times per turn, the turn of the players on both sides, we can remove 1 Xyz Material from this card leaves; Breaking the magic card or Trap on the field. (3) We can remove Xyz Material from this card, one card, then choose a magic card or trap one leaves with the name "Covenant" is in the Graveyard. ; The card is set upside down on the field.

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