Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Dec 26, 2014

"The Resonating Dragons" is the thirty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on December 21, 2014.

Yuya, who couldn't stop the Duel between Yuto and Sora, decides to dive into the Duel himself with a Battle Royal rule. And then, out of the blue, when Yuya's Pendulum Summons his "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", Yuto's "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" starts to resonate with it. Meanwhile, Sora, whose heart continues to burn for revenge against Yuto, finds himself victim of a strange event. In addition, a new Duelist appears before a shaken Yuya, whose true face gives him a further shock.

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