Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Dec 6, 2014

It's here the moment I have waiting for since long time during this waiting alot had happen even for me it's too much starting my journey slowly To be honset first post just a loho of yugioh series that's me traying to figure out what I am putting myself into soon after I posted my first own article listing my beloved six samurai cards which took so much time from me to finish but it's worth it because from that day on the big wheel keep on turning despite stampling on pitfalls along the way even geting into scuffels through comments and  emails nearly ending the march only to find my piece of inspiration again to complete the race breaking into new phase of posting with style and elegance knowing the right source of what I want to write about learning through the process very useful tool like c++ codes ,designing and finaly learned a full article even though not all tomes were smooth at one point I get my facebook page deleted which shock the ground underneath  me nevertheless like a phoenix rising from ashes so did I building a new page from scratch thats the spirit that kept me going all this time unitl now so everyone who is reading this keep on dreaming because at one point it will come true through remembering at all time  it's always the darkest before the dawn 

Now I leave you with my journey in pictures 


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