Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Nov 30, 2014

Those three picture very much summarize it I have won fifa14 division 1 head to head season cup using the champoin real madrid with coustem tactic after two loses in the begining of the season I thought its over but I kept playing knowing eight match must be won in a raw to put my hand on the trophy which strangly is what happen I kept in winning match after another with a good amount of goals even reaching 6 at two matches against real madrid and byren munich  
Forcing other player to quit but in my last match which was against byern munich I was ahead 1-0 when he quit early in the match depriving me from the celebration scene for  cup ceremony but still I am a champoin of fifa14 division 1 seasons and no one could take that away with great goal scored with style like volly goals power shot headers drippling the keeper neuer or even chipping the keeper this season was the perfect run 

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