Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Jan 4, 2014

Star Pack 2014
Dueling and collecting are as easily affordable as never before: Star Pack 2014 is an all-new product type with an SRP of only $.99!  Each pack contains 3 randomly distributed cards with 1 guaranteed Starfoil Card. The cards are taken from a set of 50 cards which are all available as Commons AND as Starfoils. This means a whole bunch of cards never seen before as Starfoils, and a great value for money.

This product will only be offered to the hobby as we are not producing a blister version.
  • 3 card Booster Pack, 50 packs per display.
  • 50 card set (all reprints), 38 cards from the Zexal Anime (each card appears in at least one episode) + 12 Legacy cards.
  • The Legacy cards are from themes, which are not tied to the current TV series but provide a look at the great history of the YGO TCG.
  • All 50 cards are available in 2 Versions, Common and Starfoil. Each Booster contains 2 Common cards and 1 Starfoil card.
Release: 21th February 2014

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