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First obtainable at Jump Festa 2014, 21st - 22nd December 2013

- 20 different cards in total
- 1 pack contains 4 cards and will cost 150 Yen

PP16-JP009 CNo.6, OOPArts Chaos Atlanthal 「CNo.6 先史遺産カオス・アトランタル」
Light/Machine - Xyz - Effect/Rank 7/3300/3300
3 x Level 7 Monster
During the turn the effect of this card is activated, all Damage your opponent would take is reduced to 0. Once per turn, you can select 1 Monster your opponent controls, and equip it as Equip Card that increases the ATK by 1000 to this card. Also, if this card has "No.6 OOPArts Atlanthal" as Xyz Material, it gains the following effect. ● Activate by removing 3 Xyz Materials from this card, and sending all "No." Monsters equipped to this card by its own effect to the Graveyard. Your opponent's Life Points become 100.
PP16-JP009 CNo.6, OOPArts Chaos Atlanthal

PP16-JP00(?) Underworld Dragon Dragonecro 「冥界龍 ドラゴネクロ」
DARK/Dragon - Fusion - Effect/8/3000/0
2 x Undead-Type monster
This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck except by Fusion Summon. If this card battles with a Monster, that Monster cannot be destroyed by that battle. Also, at the end of the Damage Step when this card battled a Monster, that Monster's ATK becomes 0, and Special Summon 1 "Darksoul Token" (Undead-Type/DARK/Level ?/ATK ?/DEF 0) to your field with the same original Level and original ATK as that Monster. You can only control 1 face-up "Underworld Dragon, Dragonecro" at the same time.
PP16-JP00(?) Underworld Dragon Dragonecro

PP16-JP0(??) Gagaga Academy Emergency Network 「ガガガ学園の緊急連絡網」
Normal Magic Card
Activate if your opponent controls a Monster, and if you control no Monster. Special Summon 1 "Gagaga" Monster from your Deck. During the turn you activated this card, you cannot Special Summon except Xyz Summon. Only 1 "Gagaga Academy Emergency Network" can be activated per turn.
PP16-JP0(??) Gagaga Academy Emergency Network

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