Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Feb 1, 2013

Infernity Archer one of the latest infernity monster family with a great effect directly attacking your opponent while you have zero cards in your hand and this condition easily accomplished with an infernity deck which is one of most destructive decks if played in the right way for the summoning part due to it 6 stars level you need one monster or I might have some tricks for easier way of bringing it to the field with "Infernity Launcher", "ZERO-MAX", "Infernity Necromancer" and "Stygian Street Patrol".thats what you just need 

This comparing to what you can do in combine with "Hundred Eyes Dragon", as this card is a great finishing move. giving the opponent large damage hit in one shot discarding what monsters they controls 
so next time you play Inferity guys dont forget to bring there Archer into the battle field for hunting 

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