Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Sep 19, 2012

Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut  is  rank 3 xyz monster  light psychic monster easy to summon  as it only need any tow three monster by utilizing the effect of tour bus  and summoning it this way you will give yourself advantage at least for two turns  until  good draw comes  but don't forget the card not effective until  targeted by an attack  so  it's vulnerable  to destroying card effect  therefore  forbidden lance  creat unbroken defense not mentioning damage  taking by your Opponent instead of  you if you forced him to attack by  cards like shift, battle mania , this with forbidden lance decreasing attack point effect imagine the huge damage applied to deck that swarm the filed  dragon ,six samurai, herartic , etc 

works great with these cards 


One more card  alchemy cycle work  all right  to make simply  hit of 5000 damage  against five headed dragon  or similar monster by decreasing the to hit ground zero which multiplies the damage 

So here you go simply summoned simply damage thus don't forget to keep it in mind Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut one of the attaractive rank 3 Xyz monsters 

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