Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Sep 21, 2012

  • 3 cards per pack
  • You get them for participating in official tournaments at your local store.
  • You’ll get a chance to bling out your Deck with shiny versions of cards you might already have.
  • We’ll reprint some other cards so they’ll be easier to get.
  • Astral Packs will be a great way to get the latest (and most accurate) card text on complicated cards.
  • Ultimate Rares are really cool – so we tripled them! Each Astral Pack set will have 3 different Ultimate Rares.
  • All cards that would have been normal Rares have been upgraded to Super Rare – there will be 10 different Super Rares per set!
  • Since Super Rares are replacing Rares, the “1 rare card per pack” rule will now be “1 foil card per pack” (most of the time – manufacturing errors DO happen from time to time).
  • Set size increased to 25 cards.
  • There will be 1 new monster per set, like the old Normal Monsters. But it will be VERY hard to get.
25 card Set
3 Ultimate Rare Cards, 10 Super Rare Cards and 12 Common Cards

Ultimate Rare

Super Rare
Kagemusha of the Six Samurai
Mask Change
The Gates of Dark World

Swift Scarecrow
Thunder of Rule

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