Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Aug 31, 2012

This card is very useful in Gadget as they are machine type and level 4 monsters to simply Xyz summon Gear X

When you summon it to the field you activate it effect by detaching on Xyz material add level 4 or lower machine type monster from deck or grave to your hand and those monster are in hand can come in handy like the adding of  Swift Scarecrow which can prevent direct attack and end battle phase  


Also you can make an OTK by doing as following by having the set "Geargiarmor", and any Machine-type monster in your hand, you can easily Summon all 3 of these cards. Flip your "Geargiarmor" to add a "Geargiaccelerator" to your hand and Special Summon it. Xyz Summon "Gear Gigant X" and detach an Xyz Material to add "Machina Gearframe" to your hand



Making your field very full and your have a great monster you can use it in your next turn so that how you gear it on 

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