Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Mar 16, 2012

This card has a similar effect to that of "Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon", except it destroys 2 cards instead of 1 and targets cards that are face-down rather than face-up.It also has the same ATK and Rank.This card has the highest Rank of any "Wind-Up" Xyz Monster so far.This card resembles different parts of other "Wind-Up" Xyz Monster, including the TCG Exclusive "Wind-Up Zenmaines". You can also see how this card was constructed in "Zenmailstrom".This card's lower half is from "Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity".Its chest and arms are built with parts from "Wind-Up Zenmaines".Its back has the same rocket boosters as "Wind-Up Zenmaister"

This card can be Xyz Summoned this card with the effects of both "Wind-Up Soldier" which can increase it level by 1 to become level 5 and "Wind-Up Dog"also it increase the level by 2 to make  overlay unit for  Xyz summon wind up arsenal zenmaioh. also better to Use "Trap Stun" before summoning this card to prevent the activation of possible set Trap Cards, and then use this card's effect to destroy them."Book of Moon" can easily provide targets for the effect of "Zenmaioh".

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