Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Mar 2, 2012

zone used this card against yusei in the anime 

Sephylon is quite Splashable in most decks, since its summoning conditions are easy to meet. Also, even if you do not have a Fairy-type monsters to Special Summon with its effect, having 4000 ATK and DEF is still pretty good. also it works very well with Lightsworn deck due to self milling effect that fill your graveyard with monster needed in no time 

You can combine it with The Sanctuary in the Sky  because if opponent mange to summon more powerful monster you get to be in safe side by the effect of  field spell that negate any damage come through destruction of fairy and become zero 

Plus if you want to make an OTK  of your monster set Lumenize a trap card negate opponent monster attack and it attack to your light monster until next end phase so if  opponent monster is 4100 +your 4000 original attack ending by 8100 OTK power next turn you can do some huge damage in one turn 

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