Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Feb 28, 2012

Completing our graveyard empowerment with the fact is always there is possibility you would have empty field with no cards to receive  the attack but you here where our graveyard monster came along for help Necro Gardna a lv3  dark monster who posses the effect of negating  an opponent monster attack by removing itself from graveyard  

If you are asking yourself how to send it to graveyard its simple combine it  with Armageddon Knight which held the ability of sending a dark monster straight to the graveyard when you summon it  or use the effect of lightning  vortex  

Also it works very well with lightsworn deck which sends many card to graveyard by there cards every turn  but you need to recycle the effect and  we have the card you need using card like Miracle Dig, Burial from a Different Dimension which return banished monster to graveyard  and negate more attack until you get the right card you need 

Finally  set this card  face down to negate first attack and block the second attack by banishing it from graveyard  increasing chances of turning duel to your benefit 

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