Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Feb 24, 2012

Graveyard many of duelists forget about it while it’s most effective in case of running out cards from your hand and could be used to surprise your opponents with  their ability of different kind from summoning themselves from graveyard to negating opponents attack  while knowing the duelist most be ready for everything  because set card on filed which you counts on it are compromise and their effect are negotiable or get destroyed before their effect come into action in contrary  graveyard cards are save from your opponents obliteration action  

Now we have this extreme  blackwing combo which put the graveyard in front line of tactics by using BLACKWING- HILLEN THE TENGU-WIND a tuner monster lv5  that have effect of summoning  itself and lv3 blackwing monster from graveyard  if take a direct hit from opponent causing  2000 battle damage

This effect comes when you send BLACKWING- HILLEN THE TENGU-WIND to graveyard  which can be accomplished by activating  Foolish Burial  sending 1 monster from your deck to graveyard  use it in your first turn so that your opponents forget it and you would have plan B in case you are cornered 

Suppose you take 2000 battle damage with empty hand and field in response summon BLACKWING- HILLEN THE TENGU-WIND accompanied by   Blacwing- Kalut The Moon Shadow  lv3 monster  which have effect of sending itself to graveyard to increase  Blackwing  monster attack point being  two of them in field you are  in the of summoning Black-Winged Dragon  lv8 synchro monster  having 2800 attack point

Changing the whole game way by rotating table beginning from graveyard making a huge comeback  to win the duel  by means of Black-Winged Dragon  via his effect of placing black feather counter instead of losing life points in fraction of 700 ATK for each though  taking in  your calculation every   move   developing  backup  to backup  plan  especially  in  tournament  closing  every possible   to your life point  in addition  attacking  with 2800 ATK 

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