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One of the coolest things about new Decks like Wind-Ups and Ninjas is that there are so many different ways to build them. Since there are so many different Ninjas and Wind-Ups, and they all have different Types and Attributes and Levels, there are a ton of different ways to play with them, and tons of different cards to combine them with. Wind-Ups were the very first Deck to make Xyz Summoning a big part of their game plan, so today we’re talking about how you can build your own Wind-Up Deck, the cards and techniques you’ll need, and the cool plays you’ll be able to make!
Wind-Ups are all about Xyz Summoning, and to do that, they need lots of monsters.  Each of these cards gets you a free Wind-Up to your field or hand.
-Wind-Up Rat’s effect Special Summons a Wind-Up from your Graveyard.
-Wind-Up Magician Special Summons another Wind-Up from your Deck, when you activate the effect of different Wind-Up.
-Wind-Up Factory lets you add a Wind-Up from your Deck to your hand when you activate a “Wind-Up” monster’s ability.
Rat and Magician’s effects can only be used once while they’re face-up on the field.  Neither of them high ATK, so you’ll want to use their effects, then use them as Xyz Materials for a bigger monster.  Wind-Up Factory is a Spell Card, so you can’t use it for Xyz Summoning.  But youcan use its effect once every turn, instead of just once while it’s on the field like the “Wind-Up” monsters.
The search and Summon power of these cards make them centerpieces for any dedicated Wind-Up strategy.  But to make the most of them, you’ll need to pair them with some more “Wind-Up” monsters.
Wind-Up Factory is great at getting Wind-Ups to your hand, but since you can only make one Normal Summon a turn, Wind-Up Shark is one of the most important cards to play it with. Wind-Up Shark is Level 4, but you can use its effect to change it to Level 3 or Level 5.  That’s awesome for making Xyz Summons!  But you can also Special Summon Wind-Up Shark any time you Normal or Special Summon another Wind-Up.  That helps you take advantage ofWind-Up Factory, by letting you play two Wind-Ups from your hand.  It also means an instant Xyz Summon, because you can probably match the Shark’s Level to whatever else you Summon.
Wind-Up Soldier is a Level 4 that can become a Level 5 for the turn.  Pair it with the Level 4Wind-Up Magician for a Rank 4 Xyz Summon, or with Wind-Up Shark for a Rank 5.  When the Soldier boosts itself to Level 5, it also goes to 2200 ATK until the End Phase.
Finally, Wind-Up Rabbit can banish a Wind-Up monster from the field with its one-shot ability; the banished monster returns in your next Standby Phase.  Whatever you banish comes back “rewound”: if its one-use effect was activated earlier, you can use that effect again.  It’s great for reusing Wind-Up Magician’s ability, or you can banish the Rabbit itself to dodge an effect like Dimensional Prison or Torrential Tribute.  You can even have Rabbit hop away on your opponent’s turn if they try to attack it.
All three of these cards have effects that are really easy to activate.  That’s important, because it gives you simple ways to trigger the abilities of Wind-Up Magician and Wind-Up Factory.  Other Wind-Ups, like Wind-Up Honeybee and Wind-Up Kitten, have powerful effects for a variety of situations.
A Wind-Up Deck’s muscle usually comes from Xyz Summoning!  There are several Wind-Up Xyz Monsters that you’ll want to play:
-Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity is a Rank 3 with a powerful Special Summon effect.  Use it to set up even bigger plays by Summoning Wind-Up Magician.
-Wind-Up Zenmaines is the ultimate defender, protecting itself from destruction and then demolishing your opponent’s stuff.
-Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh is a Rank 5, and along with its strong 2600 ATK, it packs an effect that can destroy up to four of your opponent’s Set cards!
Since Wind-Ups are so good at Xyz Summoning, you’ll want to play other Xyz Monsters as well.  Leviair the Sea Dragon and Number 17: Leviathan Dragon are a must at Rank 3;Number 39: Utopia matches Wind-Up Zenmaister at Rank 4; and Wind-Ups can even Summon the Rank 5 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis.  Since none of the Wind-Up Monsters are Tuners, don’t be afraid to cram your Extra Deck with every Xyz Monster that might prove useful.
With the right monsters, and a basic lineup of Spells and Traps including Wind-Up Factory, you can make some incredible combos that flood the field with Xyz Monsters.  Alot of those Xyz would be virtually impossible to Summon in other Decks; so pick your favorites, make the biggest combos you can, and don’t be surprised when you wind up winning your Duels!

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