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The Wind-Up Strategy is all about Xyz Summoning, and searching cards straight from your Deck to overwhelm the opponent.  Wind-Up Factory and Wind-Up Magician both have effects that trigger when you activate the ability of a Wind-Up monster, and both get you extra Wind-Ups.  Most Wind-Up monsters’ effects can only be used once, because activating them gets you free cards when you play them with Factory or Magician.  But what if there was a Wind-Up with an effect that you could use every turn?  And what if it could even refresh your other Wind-Ups?  Well, meet your newest Photon Shockwave world premiere card – Wind-Up Rabbit!
During either player’s turn: You can target 1 “Wind-Up” monster you control; banish it until your next Standby Phase. This effect can be used only once while this card is face-up on the field.
One of the best ways to play Wind-Up Rabbit is to use its effect to banish the Rabbit itself.  That way, you can trigger the search effects of Wind-Up Factory and Wind-Up Magician.
Wind-Up Magician’s ability lets you Special Summon another Level 4 or lower Wind-Up from your Deck when the effect of another Wind-Up is activated.  Banish Wind-Up Rabbit, and you’ll get another Wind-Up with Magician.  Wind-Up Factory is similar, and you can use it once a turn, again and again.  Banish Wind-Up Rabbit, and you can trigger Factory’s effect to add a Wind-Up from your Deck to your hand.
Wind-Up Rabbit’s text says its effect can only be used once while it’s face-up on the field.  But by banishing it from the Duel and then returning it, you reset its ability.  When it comes back next turn, you can banish it again with its own effect, triggering Factory again, or triggering another Magician.  Since you can keep reusing the same Rabbit, you can keep triggering your effects.  By reusing Wind-Up Factory, you can make combos like this one:
Banish Wind-Up Rabbit, and search your Deck for another new Wind-Up from Photon ShockwaveWind-Up Hunter.  Its effect lets you Tribute a Wind-Up to send (not discard) a card from your opponent’s hand. Wait for the Rabbit to come back next turn, and you can Tribute it to make your opponent discard: that triggers the Factory again, getting you another search.  You trade Rabbit for a card in your opponent’s hand, but in the mean time, you got 2 searches with Wind-Up Factory for free.  All you need to start the combo is Rabbit and Factory.
And don’t forget – Wind-Up Rabbit is a Level 3.  If you saw Wind-Up Zenmaines and wondered how you were going to Xyz Summon it in a Wind-Up Deck, the Rabbit’s your answer.  Banish it with its own effect to keep it safe, and when it comes back next turn you can stack it with Wind-Up Hunter or Wind-Up Dog to bring out Zenmaines.  Or, use that Magician combo to Special Summon a Level 3 Wind-Up.
Wind-Up Rabbit combos with key Wind-Up cards to get you a pile of free monsters.  It refreshes your Wind-Up effects; lets you make the most of new stuff like Wind-Up Hunter; and even helps you Xyz Summon.  It’s the perfect fit for the most popular Wind-Up strategies, so watch for it at your Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek!

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