Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Oct 14, 2011

You don’t see Dueling Dinosaurs and Reptiles every day, but in Photon Shockwave, a new group of prehistoric monsters is making its debut! The Evol monsters are coming, and they’re ready to bring Dinosaurs back from extinction!
The Evols are 1 monster family made of 3 smaller groups. They all work together as a team, like Gladiator Beasts or Gravekeepers. You start with the Evoltiles, a group of FIRE Reptile-type monsters. They’re the primary monsters of this evolutionary Deck. The Evoltiles all have effects that Special Summon the FIRE Dinosaur-type Evolsaurs. For example, Evoltile Westlo has a Flip Effect that Special Summons one Evolsaur monster from your Deck, and Evoltile Odontocan Special Summon an Evolsaur from your hand when it is Normal Summoned.

The second group of Evols are the Dinosaur-type Evolsaurs. These monsters have effects that activate when they’re summoned by Evoltiles. If they were Special Summoned by Evoltiles,Evolsaur Diplo destroys a Spell or Trap Card, and Evolsaur Vulcano Special Summons another Evolsaur from your Graveyard. The TCG-Exclusive card Evolsaur Pelta also gives you an easy way to add more Evoltiles from your Deck to your Hand!
There are also (r)evolutionary Spells and Traps for Evol Decks, too. While Evo-Karma is active, your opponent can’t activate cards in response to the Special Summon of monsters by Evoltiles. Evo-Miracle protects one of your Evoltile-Summoned monsters from battle and destruction effects for a turn. Evol Decks can also use Fossil Dig to search the Deck for any of their Evolsaurs, and Offering to the Snake Deity can be used to destroy the opponent’s cards along with a used Evoltile.
The new Evol Trap Card, Evolutionary Bridge, lets you Special Summon an Evoltile from your Graveyard when one of your monsters is attacked. Then, the attack target becomes that Evoltile monster. A great combo is to use this card with Evoltile Gephyro, because Gephyro will Special Summon another Evolsaur from your Graveyard when it gets destroyed. This card helps set up some awesome combos with Evolsaurs, which you can use to start the final stage of your strategy’s evolution.
So you have all these Dinosaurs on your field. Now what? The Evols don’t stop evolving once they become Dinosaurs; there’s one more stage left, and it’s the Evolzars, Dragon-Type Xyz Monsters! The fearsome Evolzar Laggia is Xyz Summoned using 2 Level 4 Dinosaurs as Xyz Materials. Laggia has 2400 ATK, but his effect makes him one of the most feared predators of all time. When a monster (or monsters) would be Normal or Special Summoned, or a Spell/Trap Card is activated, you can detach both of the Xyz Materials from this card to negate and destroy that card!
With Evolsaur Vulcano, you can meet Laggia’s requirement almost immediately. Summon it with an Evoltile, then use its effect to Summon a second Evolsaur. Then Xyz Summon! Evolzar Laggia is a total powerhouse, boasting high ATK, and a built-in effect similar to Solemn Judgment. The only thing that Laggia can’t stop is monster effects, but Evol Decks have a strong solution to that problem too. Check back later this week to find out about it!
By using simple combos to bring forth the Evolzars, Evol Decks will become a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to pick up some Evol monsters when Photon Shockwave is released, so that you too can master this prehistoric power!

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