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Previously, I, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, showed you the special Spells, Traps, and Monsters that our Dark World army has at its disposal. But only the most astute Duelists may realize just how powerful our forces become when those powers are integrated with the rest of the weaponry and monsters out there. Today I’m going to let you know how our army wins its Duels, and which tricks we’ve already gained access to from outside of the Dark World!
You may be thinking that I should keep these secrets to myself, so that any weakness can’t be exploited. But if you are thinking that, you’re severely underestimating the strength of the Dark World army. We have no weakness! We are unstoppable! I’m only telling you this because I know your only choices are to join me or fall before me!
Come take a tour of the Dark World, it's lovely this time of year.
We can take many different approaches in a Duel. But all of them lead to the same result – victory!
One strategy is to discard lots of Dark World monsters that Special Summon themselves, in order to swarm the field and wipe out the opponent in a single, gruesome Battle Phase.Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark WorldSillva, Warlord of Dark World, and Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World are perfect for this strategy, because they all join the Dark World forces on the field whenever they’re discarded.
Our special Dark World Spell Cards, which I talked about yesterday, help to discard these monsters and flood the field with darkness. But there are other great weapons out there which can be used to achieve these same ends! Card Destruction is perhaps the most formidable Spell that our army can cast. It discards all cards in both players’ hands, and replaces them with new cards. Dark World monsters will activate their effects when they’re discarded with Card Destruction, so the more that are discarded, the better. A swarm of monsters compiled by Card Destruction easily spells an enemy’s demise.
Like Card DestructionMorphing Jar also discards all cards in both players’ hands. Plus, it lets each player draw 5 more cards! That’s right – 5 more reinforcements from the Dark World, which we use to vanquish our enemies! And after those forces join in our hand, the discarded Dark World monsters activate their effects!
But if you’re not the type of leader who likes quick victories that are painless for the enemy – if you like to prolong your opponent’s anguish – you can take a different strategy. You see, I,Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, have no problem leading the battle!
I will gradually whittle away at an opponent’s Life Points, leaving our enemies begging for mercy. If you so choose, you can send me to the Graveyard early on, and then lean on me for the entire Duel. Summon a Dark World monster to your field, and then Special Summon me from the Graveyard immediately. Then if I fall back to the Graveyard, do it again! My 2700 ATK cannot be matched on the battlefield, and the 300 ATK boost from The Gates of Dark Worldmakes me even stronger! I continue to battle until our enemies are defeated. There’s no stopping me!
Even Tour Guide From the Underworld understands my power. She has wisely joined our side and now offers guided tours of the Dark World on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Graphadays. My soldier Broww, Huntsman of Dark World is a bit of a coward. He will not join the fray when he’s discarded, and merely works to pull more of our forces from the Deck. But given the proper guidance, even Broww can be brought into battle!
Tour Guide From the Underworld will call Broww to her side when she’s Summoned, so that they can enter battle together! At times, they may even join together for a Rank 3 Xyz Summon. And as a last resort, I’m always willing to help out. I recall Broww from the field, and Special Summon myself from the Graveyard to take his place. Then, I take vengeance against all who intimidated him!
I am invincible. My Dark World forces are invincible. Now that the Gates of the Underworld have opened, we cannot be defeated. And if you join us now, you will have even more power to look forward to in the future. Tomorrow, I shall tell you about the deadly Dark Smog andLatinum, Exarch of Dark World, which will be arriving with Photon Shockwave.

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