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Super Polymerization is one of the coolest cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. It breaks the rules of Fusion Summoning by letting you use your opponent’s monsters, it can be used offensively or defensively, it can be used on either player’s turn, and card effects can’t be activated in response to its activation. All of these powers make Super Polymerization an incredible card, capable of tons of Duel-changing tricks.
Check out some of the awesome moves that you can pull off with Super Polymerization!
How do we cram so much power into Super Polymerization? The secret ingredient is friendship. Don't ask us how we got it.
How do we cram so much power into Super Polymerization? The secret ingredient is friendship. Don't ask us how we got it.
1.) Bypass Counter Traps!
Counter Trap Cards are Spell Speed 3. Normally, they’re the final word on Chaining, but not even a Counter Trap can be Chained to Super Polymerization! Since Super Polymerizationcan’t be responded to, every time you activate it, you can be confident that it will work.
Your opponent can be sitting strong, protected by Solemn WarningSolemn Judgment,Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Magic Drain. But once you activate Super Polymerization, he’ll be helpless to watch his monster be used as a Fusion Material in yourSummon!
2.) Beat Monster Effects!
Some of the biggest monsters in the game have some sort of protection from Spell and Trap Cards, but all of those monsters are vulnerable to Super PolymerizationGladiator Beast Heraklinos is a FIRE monster that negates Spell and Trap Cards and often has back-up in the form of Gladiator Beast War Chariot to negate monster effects. But it can’t negate Super Polymerization! Fuse an opponent’s Heraklinos with your Elemental HERO by using Super Polymerization, and you can Summon Elemental HERO Nova Master while bypassing the Heraklinos’ effect and ignoring the Chariot.
Big Synchro Monsters like Stardust DragonShooting Star Dragon, and Shooting Quasar Dragon, which have the power the negate cards, are also vulnerable to Super Polymerization, since their effects can’t be chained to it.
Super Polymerization doesn’t destroy monsters, either. It only uses them as Fusion Materials. That helps it take down monsters that can’t be destroyed. For example, even though a monster protected by Safe Zone can’t be targeted or destroyed by card effects, it’s still vulnerable to Super Polymerization.
3.) Contain an Opponent’s Field!
Now that Elemental HERO Great Tornado is legal in Duels, a monster of every Attribute other than DARK (and DIVINE) can be fused with an Elemental HERO to create a powerful new monster.
-          Fuse a LIGHT monster with an Elemental HERO to Summon Elemental HERO The Shining.
-          Fuse an EARTH monster with an Elemental HERO to Summon Elemental HERO Gaia.
-          Fuse a FIRE monster with an Elemental HERO to Summon Elemental HERO Nova Master.
-          Fuse a WIND monster with an Elemental HERO to Summon Elemental HERO Great Tornado.
-          Fuse a WATER monster with a HERO to Summon Elemental HERO Absolute Zero.
There are also lots of other combinations of monsters that can be fused together with Super Polymerization, too. For example, fusing a Spellcaster-Type Synchro Monster with a Spellcaster lets you Summon Supreme Arcanite Magician, and combining a Dragon-type Synchro Monster with a Warrior lets you Summon Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste. Fusing any 2 HERO Monsters together brings out Vision HERO Adoration.
You can use Super Polymerization to cut down your opponent’s field. Fuse his monsters together, or fuse his monster with one of your own, when you activate Super Polymerization. Not only will this get an opponent’s biggest threat off of the field, but it will also let you create your own Fusion behemoth.
4.) Attack!
Super Polymerization isn’t only good for getting rid of an opponent’s monsters – it can also be a game-ender. Since you can activate it from your hand in your Battle Phase, it can help you deal the finishing blow to your opponent.
Imagine this: you have Elemental HERO Stratos and Elemental HERO Neos Alius on the field with Super Polymerization and 1 other card in your hand. Your opponent has 6500 Life Points left. You attack directly against your opponent’s clear field with Stratos and Alius, dropping your opponent down to 2800 Life Points. Then, just when your opponent thinks he’s safe and survived another turn, you activate Super Polymerization, fusing your 2 monsters together to Summon Elemental HERO Great Tornado! A direct attack from Great Tornado finishes your opponent off!
This isn’t an uncommon play. Super Polymerization is a tough card to see coming, since it’s a Quick-Play Spell Card that can be activated from your hand. Many Duelists are easily blindsided by Super Polymerization, and face defeat because of it.
Super Polymerization is an incredible card that can easily turn a Duel around. Try it out in your Elemental HERO Deck, or use it against HERO Duelists to defeat them!

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