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The release of Photon Shockwave is getting closer, so it’s time to get prepped for the awesome new cards that await you. We’ll start with the card that everyone will get at the Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek: Alexandrite Dragon!
That is a Normal Monster.
More than any other monster ever created, Alexandrite Dragon pushes the limits on what we’re willing to let a Level 4 Normal Monster do.
This monster was specifically designed to serve a few crucial roles in filling out this set’s mechanics. Everything about it was carefully selected, and is critical to how the card functions:
1. It’s Level 4.
2. It has the maximum possible ATK for a Level 4 Normal Monster.
3. It’s LIGHT.
4. It’s a Dragon.

You’ll see in a minute why these are all important. But first, take a second to think about this: Name one Level 4 or lower LIGHT/Dragon monster that isn’t a sitting duck in battle. Yeah. There wasn’t one. Until now.
OK, so Alexandrite Dragon is on the cutting edge of Normal Monster tech. But what all can you do with it?
  • You can combo with Rescue Rabbit to Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.
  • You can combo with Rescue Rabbit to get a Rank 4 Xyz Monster.
  • You can use it as recoverable fuel for Dragonic Tactics.
  • You can Summon Thunder End Dragon easier.
  • You can add a little Chaos to your Dragon Deck.
Let’s go through them….
1. Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is the Level 8 / 3000 ATK monstrosity that’s shown on Photon Shockwave boxes and booster wrappers. (You also might win a Galaxy-Eyes Game Mat at the Sneak Peek, if you’re lucky!)
Galaxy-Eyes has the power to return to its home galaxy during the Battle Step, along with whatever monster it’s currently fighting. Both monsters return to the field when the Battle Phase is over.
This ability makes Galaxy-Eyes unkillable by battle. Even if attacked by a stronger monster, Galaxy-Eyes can just escape to its home galaxy.
It’s also a Quick Effect. That means that – unlike Number 39: Utopia – if Galaxy-Eyes attacks and your opponent uses Dimensional Prison or Mirror Force, you can Chain Galaxy-Eyes’ ability and escape unharmed.
Sounds good, right? I know what you’re thinking… “Monsters this good normally have some Special Summoning requirements, right? So what’s the catch?”
Nope, no catch! And no special requirements. You can Tribute Summon it, you can pitch it to the Graveyard and revive it, or you can Summon it from your hand (or even while banished) using various card effects.
It’s even got a built-in, extra way to Summon it. By Tributing 2 monsters with 2000+ ATK, you can Special Summon Galaxy-Eyes from your hand. Since Galaxy-Eyes is Level 8 anyway, it’s sort of like a Tribute Summon, but doesn’t use up your Normal Summon for the turn.
There are lots of easy ways to do this, like with Photon Sabre Tiger (we’ll talk more about him another time).  But the fastest and easiest way to Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is using Rescue Rabbit to get 2 Alexandrite Dragons.
Rescue Rabbit is a new Level 4 monster with a game-changing ability. You can banish Rescue Rabbit from the field to Summon 2 Level 4 or lower Normal Monsters from your Deck.
Since you can Summon Galaxy-Eyes with 2 monsters that have 2000+ ATK. And Alexandrite Dragon is a Normal Monster with 2000 ATK. Note the following equation:
Rescue Rabbit = 2 Alexandrite Dragons = Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

Here’s how it works:
1. Normal Summon Rescue Rabbit.
2. Banish the Bunny to Summon 2 Alexandrite Dragons from your Deck.
3. Tribute both Alexandrite Dragons to Special Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.

2. Instant Rank 4 Xyz
Rescue Rabbit also gives you access to any Xyz Monster in your Extra Deck – as long as it’s Rank 4 or lower and requires only 2 materials. Just grab 2 Normal Monsters of the same Level, and instantly Xyz Summon.
You can Banish the Bunny to Summon 2 Alexandrite Dragons, attack with both for 4000 damage total, and then Xyz Summon a Rank 4 monster like Number 39: Utopia orSteelswarm Roach.
3. Fuel for Dragonic Tactics
Dragonic Tactics (from Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years) lets you Tribute 2 Dragons to Summon any Level 8 Dragon from your Deck.
This is another card that’s tailor-made for your Alexandrite Dragon / Rescue Rabbit combo. Just Banish the Bunny to grab 2 Alexandrite Dragons, and use Dragonic Tactics to get powerhouses like Dark HorusWhite Night Dragon, or even Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon right out of your Deck.
You can even get your Alexandrite Dragons back, with a card like Dark Factory of Mass Production.
4. Cut 1 Step from Summoning Thunder End Dragon
Thunder End Dragon is a Rank 8 (!!!) Xyz Monster from Photon Shockwave that requires 2 Level 8 Normal Monsters to Summon.
The obvious combo here is with Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Just get a couple of Blue-Eyes into play and you can Xyz Summon Thunder End. And there are lots of ways to Summon Blue-Eyes:Ancient RulesThe Flute of Summoning DragonKaibamanDragonic TacticsTotem Dragon, and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon are all cards that can help.
The problem is that getting ONE Blue-Eyes on the field is one thing. Getting TWO is something else entirely.
Fortunately, thanks to Resonance Device (from Generation Force), you can “match up” the Levels of 2 monsters on the field. They just have to be the same Type and Attribute.
OK. So let’s put this all together. Let’s say you have 1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field. You have Resonance Device. You want to match up their Levels so you can Xyz Summon Thunder End Dragon. Here’s what you need:
1. You need another Normal Monster, because Thunder End only accepts Normal Xyz Materials.
2. You need another monster with the same Attribute as Blue-Eyes. Blue-Eyes is LIGHT.
3. You need another monster with the same Type as Blue-Eyes. Blue-Eyes is a Dragon.

So what you need is a Normal Monster that’s LIGHT and is also Dragon-Type.
See where we’re going with this? Alexandrite Dragon is the missing link for this combo. Thunder End Dragon just got 1 more combo to help get it on the field. (Keep an eye on this one, since it will just get easier to play as time goes on.)
5. Use it for Chaos
Now that it’s legal for use again, Duelists everywhere are looking for ways to add Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning to their own Deck.
Dragon Duelists didn’t have a great way to do this before, since the only notable LIGHT/Dragon monster was Blue-Eyes White Dragon. But Alexandrite Dragon is easy to add to any Dragon Deck. Its high ATK makes it a useful draw, and it gives you the maximum amount of power that you can expect out of a Level 4 Dragon without any kind of drawback.
Get your hands on Alexandrite Dragon and other Photon Shockwave cards early at the Sneak Peek nearest you on November 5th and/or 6th!

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