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One of the perks of actually working at Konami is that awesome stuff materializes on my desk sometimes. Recently an advance copy of Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years arrived at my doorstepand after opening it up all signs pointed to it being too cool not to share with everyone. So click the “read more” button below to get your first inside look at an actual Legendary Collection 2!
It doesn’t show up too well in the photos, but both the binder and the slip case it’s in are embossed. If you’re wondering about the motif, it’s based on the Slifer Red uniform that Jaden wore throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series. It always surprised me that he never felt a need to advance past Slifer Red, even though his best friend did…
The back of the binder is pretty cool too. It’s got a group shot of all the characters. The back of the slip case is loaded with info for people who might not have heard of this thing and just found it in a store. It also has pictures of the Ultra Rare cards that are in each Legendary Collection 2.
Inside, it looks pretty similar to first Legendary Collection. You’ve got your packs on the right, and your Sacred Beasts on the left. The really big difference this time around is that instead of regular booster packs, you get 5 Legendary Collection 2 Mega-Packs and a 6th pack that holds all the bonus Ultra Rare cards! Here’s a closer look at the Mega-Packs…
Of course I opened them. Are you kidding? Sealed packs of anything are not safe around me. I am a pack opening fiend. Here’s what I got!
Highlights for me included Secret Rare Destiny Draw, Gladiator Beast Laquari, and Yubel  – The Ultimate Nightmare, along with Ultra Rare Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid and Proto-Cyber Dragon, Super Rare Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus and Destiny HERO – Dreadmaster (the Dreadmaster is especially exciting because its text no longer requires a magnifying glass to read), Rare Gladiator Proving Ground, and common Card Trooper, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, and Judgment Dragon. Of course, that’s just me. You might see something in there you like better…
All of the cards in here are equipped with new Problem Solving Card Text, and that includes all of the cards in the Mega-Packs as well. This was a good opportunity to get a lot of older cards out there with the updated text all at once, 266 of them to be precise, and it’s been taken full advantage of. You can get your own Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years on October 4th!

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