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Xyz Monsters are powerful cards that can be helpful to Summon in a Duel. But if you’re going to Summon an Xyz Monster, you’ll need to control at least 2 monsters of the same Level. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of tricks you can use to Summon Xyz Monsters of various Ranks.
When you’re looking for combos that will let you Summon Xyz Monsters, you’ll want to find ways to Summon 2 monsters of the same Level during the same turn. It’s even better if you can Summon those 2 monsters by using only a single card from your hand. Check out some of the most efficient strategies that can be used to Xyz Summon!
Rank 2
One of the easiest ways to Summon a Rank 2 Xyz Monster is with Deep Sea DivaDeep Sea Diva is a Level 2 Sea-Serpent Tuner that lets you Special Summon another Sea-Serpent from your Deck when it’s Summoned. You can even use its effect to Special Summon a second Deep Sea Diva! With 2 Deep Sea Divas on your field, you’ll be in prime position to Summon Gachi Gachi Gantetsu – a Rank 2 Xyz Monster!
You can also use The Agent of Creation – Venus to Summon Gachi Gachi Gantetsu without using more than 1 card from your hand. The Agent of Creation – Venus lets you Special Summon a Level 2 Mystical Shine Ball from your Deck by paying 500 Life Points. If you use Venus’ effect twice, you can Special Summon 2 Mystical Shine Balls from your Deck. Then you can combine them to make Gachi Gachi Gantetsu.
Rank 3
There’s a Level 3 monster just like Deep Sea Diva in Extreme VictoryTour Guide From the Underworld is a Level 3 Fiend that Special Summons another Level 3 Fiend from your Deck whenever she’s Summoned. You can Normal Summon Tour Guide From the Underworld to Special Summon another copy from your Deck, then combine your 2 Tour Guides to create a Rank 3 Xyz Monster like Number 17: Leviathan Dragon or Leviair the Sea Dragon.
Rank 4
Rank 4 monsters are also easy to Summon with the right strategy. Decks using Gravekeeper’s Spy can Summon a Rank 4 monster like Number 39: UtopiaSteelswarm Roach, or Wind-Up Zenmaister by simply flipping a Spy face-up. When Gravekeeper’s Spy is flipped, you can Special Summon a Gravekeeper’s monster from your Deck, including another copy ofGravekeeper’s Spy. Then you can use your 2 Level 4 Spies for a Rank 4 Xyz Summon!
You can also use Gadgets with Ultimate Offering to make quick Rank 4 Xyz Summons. Green GadgetRed Gadget, and Yellow Gadget are all Level 4 monsters that let you grab another Gadget from your Deck when they’re Summoned. If you have Ultimate Offering face-up, you can Summon multiple Gadgets in a single turn, while adding more Gadgets from your Deck to your hand. Then, you can mix any 2 Gadgets to make a Rank 4 Xyz Monster!
Rank 5
Rank 5 Xyz Monsters are a bit tougher to Summon than monsters of the lower Ranks, but with some solid strategy, you can fight alongside Tiras, Keeper of Genesis and Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon to vanquish your enemies!
Special Summons created by cards like Instant Fusion, and monsters that can be Special Summoned at no cost like Cyber Dragon, will pave the way for to an easy Rank 5 Xyz Summon.
Special Summon Cyber Dragon from your hand and then use Instant Fusion to Summon a Level 5 Fusion Monster like Flame Swordsman or Cyber Saurus from your Extra Deck. You’ll be able to combine your 2 monsters to Xyz Summon Tiras or Adreus.
Ghost Ship is another card like Cyber Dragon that’s Level 5 and can be Special Summoned from your hand. If you have a Deck with Cyber Dragons and lots of LIGHT monsters, you can use both!
Monsters that can change their own Level also make Rank 5 Xyz Summons easy to perform.Wind-Up Soldier, for example, is a Level 4 monster that can be Normal Summoned without Tribute. But once it’s on the field, you can turn it into a Level 5 monster – perfect for a Rank 5 Xyz Summon! Similarly, you can banish a Level 4 Plant-Type monster like Mystic Tomato from your Graveyard in order to activate Spore’s effect and Special Summon it as a Level 5 monster. This will help you Xyz Summon your strongest monsters.
Xyz Monsters are incredible cards that can be Summoned with all sorts of different combos. Find the combos that work best for your Deck in order to make the most of the Xyz Monsters’ power!

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