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teelswarm Roach is a Rank 4 Xyz Monster that helps you keep control of any Duel. This pesky little bug can negate the Special Summon of any high-Level monster to ruin an opponent’s strategy.
When a Level 5 or higher monster is Special Summoned: you can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate the Special Summon and destroy it.
Steelswarm Roach is the product of any 2 Level 4 monsters, so just about every Deck can benefit from playing it.
Gadget Decks can Summon it by combining any 2 Gadgets, Gladiator Beasts can Summon it by combining Gladiator Beast Darius with a Level 4 Gladiator Beast that was Special Summoned by Darius’s effect, and Gravekeeper’s Decks can easily mix 2 copies of Gravekeeper’s Spy into a Steelswarm Roach.
But the possibilities don’t stop there! Any Deck that uses Level 4 monsters can easily perform a Rank 4 Xyz Summons and get Steelswarm Roach onto the field. There are also plenty of incentives to Summon your Roach!
Once Steelswarm Roach is Summoned, it’s tough to squash. Even though it only has 1900 ATK, its effect gives it an amount of protection unmatched by any other Xyz Monster.
Most monsters that have more than 1900 ATK and are able to defeat Steelswarm Roach in battle need to be Special Summoned first. High-Level Synchro Monsters like T.G. Hyper LibrarianBlack Rose Dragon, and Stardust Dragon, for example, all have more ATK thanSteelswarm Roach. So do powerful Effect Monsters like Cyber Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer. However, you can take down all of those monsters with Steelswarm Roach’s effect before they can even hit the field, just by detaching an Xyz Material from Steelswarm Roach!
Your opponent won’t even try to Summon these monsters when you have Steelswarm Roach on the field!... unless he has Smashing Horn set.
Your opponent won’t even try to Summon these monsters when you have Steelswarm Roach on the field!... unless he has Smashing Horn set.
But watch out for other Xyz Monsters after you Summon Steelswarm Roach! Since Xyz Monsters have Ranks instead of Levels, Steelswarm Roach can’t negate any of their Summons. Steelswarm Roach also can’t negate the effects of cards that start a Chain. For example, it can’t negate Monster Reborn or Call of the Haunted, since those 2 cards start a Chain. A monster revived by Monster Reborn or Call of the Haunted is safe from Steelswarm Roach’s reach, just as it would be safe from the effect of Thunder King Rai-Oh.
Synchros will have a lot to compete with after Duelists get their hands on Xyz Monsters, and with Xyz Monsters as strong as Steelswarm Roach around, we’ll be seeing quite a few Synchro Monsters ousted from Duelists’ Extra Decks to make room for these new monsters.Steelswarm Roach is just one of many powerful Xyz Monsters that you can get your hands on in Generation Force!

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