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Sea Lancer is one of the new world premier cards you’ll find in Generation Force. Most of the Fish, Sea Serpent, and Aqua-Type monsters in Generation Force have effects that either banish your monsters, or reward you for doing so.  The more monsters you banish, the better your cards get, and Sea Lancer is one of the best: a huge attacker that protects itself from being destroyed.
“You can target any number of your banished Fish, Sea Serpent, and Aqua-Type monsters; equip them to this card. This effect can only be used once while this card is face-up on the field. If this face-up card on the field would be destroyed, you can destroy 1 of those cards, instead. This card gains 1000 ATK while equipped with a monster(s) by this effect.”
Equipping just one banished monster to Sea Lancer gives it 2300 ATK, and extra monsters make it tougher and tougher to destroy.  The Lancer is Level 5, so you can’t just Normal Summon it like you would a lower Level monster: if you want to play it from your hand, you’ll have to Tribute Summon it.  The good news is that the “Generation Fish” Deck is going to have lots of ways to get Sea Lancer to the field, and it can do it without costing you an important monster.
Treeborn Frog is an Aqua-Type monster that fits really well in this strategy. Since you can Special Summon it every turn, it’s the perfect monster to Tribute for Sea Lancer’s Summon.  Don’t have a monster to Tribute?  A Legendary Ocean is a Field Spell that gives all WATER monsters an extra 200 ATK and DEF.  It also downgrades all WATER monsters by 1 Level.  That makes Sea Lancer Level 4, so you can Normal Summon it without Tributing.
You can even Special Summon Sea Lancer straight from your Deck with Mother Grizzly.  When the Grizzly’s destroyed in battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon a WATER monster from your Deck with 1500 ATK or less.  Since Lancer starts with 1300 Attack Points, you can Special Summon it with Grizzly; activate its effect; and then boost it up to 2300 ATK.  It’s really easy to get Sea Lancer onto the field.
Before you Summon Sea Lancer, you’ll want to make sure that you have a lot of banished sea life to fuel its effect.  Airorca and Big Jaws are two new monsters from Generation Force that can help you do that.  Big Jaws banishes itself whenever it finishes making an attack, andAirorca has a great effect that lets you banish cards straight from your hand.  Once a turn, you can banish a Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster from your hand to target and destroy 1 of your opponent’s face-up cards.  Then you banish Airorca, and bring it back in your next Standby Phase.
Airorca is cool because it can blow away your opponent’s best monster or pesky face-up cards like Royal Oppression or Necrovalley.  By banishing itself and then coming back, it protects itself from attackers, and dodges Trap Cards like Mirror Force.  It’s the perfect way to keep your opponent under control while Sea Lancer bats cleanup, making direct attacks for 2300 Battle Damage a shot.
Wingtortoise also fits together perfectly with Sea Lancer and Airorca. Whenever you banish a face-up Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type, you can Special Summon the 1500 ATK Tortoise from your hand or Graveyard.  Every time you banish Airorca, you can Summon the Tortoise for free.  You can Tribute it to Tribute Summon a Sea Lancer, or if you already have one, attack for a total of 3800 Battle Damage.
There are a lot of ways to play the new Fish, Sea Serpent, and Aqua-Type monsters inGeneration Force, but no matter how you choose to use them, Sea Lancer’s a heavy-hitter that you’re going to want to play.  It combos really well with key cards in the strategy, and its 2300 ATK can mean a quick victory.

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