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Extreme Victory is all about the battle between Meklords and Synchro Monsters! We’ve already looked at the various monsters that go in your Meklord Deck and today you’ll find out about the Spells and Traps needed to complete your Deck of Synchro destroyers!
There’s 3 Spell cards that you’ll want to add to your Meklord Deck right away. Fortissimo the Mobile Fortress is a Field Spell that lets you Special Summon 1 “Meklord Army” monster from your hand every turn. This is handy when you want to get 3 “Meklord” monsters on the field to Special Summon Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk, or even to just have another face-up  “Meklord Army” monster under your control to give each one some extra ATK.
Fortissimo the Mobile Fortress also sets you up for another new Spell Card, Boon of the Meklord Emperor. Whenever you control just 2 face-up “Meklord” monsters, you can activateBoon of the Meklord Emperor to draw 2 cards! You can’t attack on the turn you do this, but it’s worth waiting a turn to attack when you’re getting 2 extra cards from your Deck to set up your bigger plays.
Reboot is a Normal Spell Card that lets you add 1 “Meklord” card in your Graveyard to your hand after you shuffle a “Meklord” monster from your hand back to your Deck. You can useReboot to get back any “Meklord” monster that’s been destroyed OR a Meklord Spell or Trap Card like Boon of the Meklord Emperor or Meklord Factory!
While your Spell Cards are all about setting up bigger plays down the line, the Meklord Deck’s Trap Cards set up big combos right away while also stopping your opponent in their tracks!Mektimed Blast lets you do both in a simple but very effective way. When you activateMektimed Blast you choose 1 face-up “Meklord” monster you control and any one of your opponent’s cards, then you destroy both. Since one of your monsters was just destroyed by a card effect, you can then Special Summon Meklord Emperor Granel (or Meklord Emperor Skiel) directly from your hand!
Meklord Factory can be used when a “Meklord” is targeted for an attack. It adds 1 “Meklord Army” monster from your Graveyard to your hand, then destroys the “Meklord” monster that’s being attacked. This is a great way to Special Summon a “Meklord Emperor” out of nowhere but there’s another trick to Meklord Factory that you may be interested in; you can use it on your opponent’s “Meklord” monsters! When you declare an attack on an opposing “Meklord” monster you can use Meklord Factory to destroy it while getting a free card at the same time! Be careful when doing this though as your opponent might have a “Meklord Emperor” of their own to Special Summon when you destroy their monster!
Finally there’s Chaos InfinityChaos Infinity lets you change all Defense Position monsters on the field to Attack Position (great for taking down low ATK monsters like Fluff Tokens), and then you get to Special Summon a “Meklord” monster from your Deck or Graveyard. The “Meklord” you Summon will have its effects negated and is destroyed in the End Phase, but you now have another monster to attack with, and are set up for the Summon of a “Meklord Emperor” in your End Phase or maybe Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk right now!
These Spell and Trap Cards combine extremely well with the monsters in your Meklord Deck, and allow you to make several big plays with ease. You can find all of these cards in Extreme Victory, so if you’re looking to build a Meklord Deck you know where to find everything you need!

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