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The Scrap Deck is all about big, repeatable combos, Synchro Summoning Scrap Dragons every turn to bust through your opponent’s defenses!  Scrap Chimera is the key, but thanks to the new Scrap Orthros from Extreme Victory, Scraps have never been stronger.
First, let’s talk about the classic Scrap combo that makes this Deck so deadly.
When you Normal Summon Scrap Chimera, you can Special Summon a “Scrap” Tuner from your Graveyard.  Scrap Chimera can only be used as a Synchro Material for a “Scrap” Synchro Monster, but combo it with Scrap Beast, you can unleash Scrap Dragon.  With 2800 ATK and an effect that lets you destroy 1 card on each side of the field every turn, Scrap Dragon is a Duel-dominating powerhouse.  The trick is reusing Chimera every turn: if you keep Synchro Summoning Scrap Dragons, your opponent won’t last long.  Scrap Beast and Scrap Goblinboth have effects that let you return a “Scrap” monster like Scrap Chimera back to your hand when either is destroyed by the effect of a “Scrap” card.  There are some good combos: you can use Scrapstorm or Scrap Dragon to destroy your own monster, then get back ScrapChimera.  But Scrap Orthros is different…
Scrap Orthros has the same effect as Scrap Goblin and Scrap Beast: if Orthros is destroyed by the effect of a “Scrap” card, you can return a Scrap like Chimera from your Graveyard to your hand.  The difference is that Scrap Orthros can destroy itself.  You can Special Summon it any time you control another face-up “Scrap” monster, and when you do, it destroys 1 of your Scraps.  Throw it down next to any other Scrap, and you can destroy Orthros to get backScrap Chimera.  Then, Normal Summon the Chimera right there for another Scrap Dragon.  That kind of speed is amazing.
Even without Scrap Chimera in the mix, Scrap Orthros has some slick combos.  ScrapSearcher is a Level 1 “Scrap” monster: you can Special Summon it from your Graveyard when 1 of your Scraps is destroyed on the field.  If you have Scrap Searcher in your Graveyard, andScrap Orthros in your hand, you have a powerful play.  Just Special Summon Orthros, destroy another “Scrap” monster with Orthros’ effect, and Special Summon the Searcher.  Then Tune Orthros to Searcher for a Level 5 Synchro Summon: since Searcher and Orthros are both EARTH monsters, you can even bring out the Spell-smashing Naturia Beast.
Scrap Orthros revolutionizes the Scrap strategy, catapulting it back into the tournament scene.  With more speed and aggression, Scrap Duelists are ready to take on any challenge.

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