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Extreme Victory showcases the ultimate battle between Synchro Monsters and Meklord Emperors! Synchro Monsters have been around for years and now they’ve finally invaded every Extra Deck. However, there’s a group of machines out there that are ready to take them on in the battle to end all battles.
The Meklords are an army of Machine-Type monsters built to seek out and destroy every Synchro monster in existence. Fighting the front lines of this epic battle are the Meklord Armies. The 3 “Meklord Army” monsters are the foundations of your Meklord Deck, and help you set up your bigger combos, like Summoning Meklord Emperors. They’re all Level 4 Machine-Type monsters and gain more ATK when they’re on the field together.
Meklord Army of Granel has 1600 ATK and gains 100 ATK more for every other “Meklord” monster you control. When you Normal Summon it you can target one of your opponent’s monsters and chop its ATK in half until the End Phase. Even if Granel is the only card you use on this turn, it’ll be able to take on anything your opponent has with 3200 ATK or less! Most of the Synchro Monsters your opponent play will have less than 3000 ATK and Granel can take them all down with ease!
Next up is Meklord Army of Wisel, which starts off with 1800 ATK and gains another 100 ATK for every other “Meklord” monster you have on the field. Once per turn, it can let one of your other “Meklord” monsters deal Battle Damage when it attacks a Defense Position monster. This is handy when you’re faced with Decks full of low DEF monsters like Fluff Tokens orTreeborn Frogs.
Finally there’s Meklord Army of Skiel. This 1200 ATK monster gains 200 ATK for every “Meklord” monster you control (except itself) and when it’s destroyed in battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon any “Meklord Army” monster from your Deck! You can Summon any of your 3 Meklord Army monsters so if you already have a Meklord Army monster in your hand you can Summon a different one to get an ATK boost next turn.
The great thing about the Meklord Armies is that they work together as a team to cause all sorts of problems for your opponents. Let’s say you have Meklord Army of Granel andMeklord Army of Wisel on the field. Wisel goes up to 1900 ATK because of its effect and Granel’s now got 1700 ATK. If you Normal Summoned Granel this turn you can halve the ATK of one of your opponents monsters, and with Wisel’s 1900 ATK anything your opponent had that started the turn with 3800 ATK or less isn’t going to be around for long!
Now let’s add Skiel to the mix.  With all 3 Meklord Army monsters on the field Skiel will have 1600 ATK, Wisel’s got 2000 ATK and Granel has 1800 ATK. Wisel’s effect will let Granel and Skiel do extra amounts of Battle Damage when attacking Defense Position monsters, and Skiel’s harder to take down in battle. When Skiel is destroyed though you can just Special Summon another Meklord Army monster from your Deck and keep piling the pressure on your opponent before your Emperors finish the Duel off!
Come back next week to find out about the incredible Meklord Emperors and Meklord Astros you can use to really stick it to Synchro Monsters!

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