Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Mar 8, 2011

Infernity Decks are one of the most dangerous Decks to play against. An Infernity Duelist can go from controlling no cards on the field and having no cards in their hand to winning the Duel off of a single draw. Infernity Decks were very widely used before Infernity Launcher became Limited, and gradually dwindled in popularity ever since.
Because Infernity Launcher is still Limited on the March 2011 Forbidden & Limited List, lots of Duelists are still overlooking Infernities as a potential contender in upcoming tournaments. However, there are some subtle changes in the new Forbidden & Limited List that make them even better than they were in the past 6 months.

Infernity Decks are known for the long chains of Synchro Summons that they can perform. Infernity Duelists can Summon multiple copies of Hundred-Eyes Dragon or other powerful Synchro Monsters in a single turn! From there, victory is nearly assured.
Unfortunately, opposing Duelists can disrupt this chain of Synchro Summons with the right cards. A player using Book of Moon can turn an Infernity Duelist’s Tuner face-down, stopping the Infernity Duelist’s string of Synchro Summons before it even starts. Players can also useSolemn Warning to negate the Summon of Infernity Archfiend, before it hits the field and sets off a chain of powerful Synchro Monsters with its ability to search the Deck for Infernity Launcher or Infernity Mirage.
Cold Wave was also a powerful card to use against Infernity Decks. Infernity Duelists need to have no cards in their hands in order to use most of their card effects, so they usually Set whichever Spell and Trap Cards they draw. That made them especially vulnerable to Cold Wave, since Cold Wave prevented the activation of all of those face-down cards. Cold Wavealso stopped Infernity Duelists from using Infernity Launcher to start off their combo to Summon a bunch of monsters, and stopped Infernity Duelists from Setting a Spell or Trap Card that they drew on their next turn, to rid themselves of a hand.
But Book of Moon is now Limited to 1 copy per Deck, Solemn Warning is Semi-Limited to 2 copies per Deck, and Cold Wave is Forbidden. Infernity combos are much harder to stop than they have been in the past. A simple Trap Stun will prevent any of your opponent’s Trap Cards from disrupting your combos, and may even leave your opponent with just a single copy ofBook of Moon in his Deck that can stop you.
Plus, nothing on the new Forbidden & Limited List detracts from the power of Infernities, while lots of other Decks have taken a big hit, with Limitations on cards like Gateway of the Six andBlackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow. Infernities, like all other Decks, have lost access toGoyo Guardian under the new List, but Infernity Decks can easily get past this loss by substituting Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth in its Level 8 and Level 9 Synchro Summons.
Infernity Decks have been competitive since their release. Even at the latest YCS in Dallas, one brave Duelist made it to the Top 32 with his Infernity Deck. The recent changes to the Forbidden & Limited List, making Infernities even better than they were before, might be exactly what they need to climb back to the top of the tournament scene!

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