Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Feb 19, 2011

  • This is the fourth of five Synchro Monsters that specifically requires "Junk Synchron" as its Tuner, the first being "Junk Warrior", the second is "Junk Archer", the third is "Junk Destroyer" and the last is "Junk Berserker".
  • This is the only Synchro Monster that Yusei Fudo Synchro Summoned in the Japanese version, without using the word "clustering" in its summon chant.
  • This card's name, effect, and DEF are similar to "Big Shield Gardna's".
  • It somewhat resembles "Guardian Statue".
  • Although summoned with "Junk Synchron", its appearance and effect are similar to "Turbo Synchron's".
  • When this card is put into order along with "Junk Warrior", this card, "Junk Archer" and/or Junk Berserker, and "Junk Destroyer" by their level, it goes Level 5, 6, 7, and 8

  • To Synchro Summon this card easily, you can summon "Marauding Captain" and use its effect to summon"Junk Synchron".
  • This card is especially effective against a Cloudian Deck, where many of the monsters will be destroyed if changed to Defense Position.
  • This card is also useful against monsters with variable ATK, but remain at 0 DEF.

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