Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Feb 28, 2011

  • Judging from the shape of the head and legs, the stardust appears to form a silhouette of "Stardust Dragon"or "Shooting Star Dragon''The Silhouette appears to be made out of plasma and light matter, the same materials that galaxies and nebulas are made of, which reflect the celestial motif that monsters related to Stardust Dragon share.This is essentially a slightly modified Synchro version of Miracle Fusion, except it requires the synchro be in your graveyard.

* Not only is this card for "Stardust Dragon", this card can be used for any Deck to revive a Dragon-type Synchro Monsters|Synchro Monster that uses that monster as its key card, such as Scrap|Scraps.

* You can use "Advance Draw" to Tribute a Dragon-type Synchro Monster while drawing cards and bring it back to the field with this card.

* Use "Dimension Fusion", "Return from the Different Dimension", or "D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation" to recover the monster that was removed by this card.

* Use it in a Fish deck, after doing Shooting Star Dragon.

*Tribute[Stardust Dragon to activate Assault Mode Activate and summon Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. Use this card to revive the Stardust Dragon and go for a second Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode to get an end game field

* This card can be used to easily Special Summon Guardian Eatos

* You can easily revive Malefic Paradox Dragon with this card by removing either the monsters used to summon it or Malefic Rainbow Dragon or Malefic Cyber End Dragon, due to the high level of malefic monsters 

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