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The Six Samurai monsters play off of each other’s strengths to create a powerful team. Most of the previously released Six Samurai monsters were each endowed with a special power that allowed you to destroy a fellow Samurai to protect the Samurai in danger. Many of them were also given an extra ability that can only trigger while there’s another Six Samurai on the field.
The special abilities of the Legendary Six Samurais in Storm of Ragnarok make the power of teamwork stronger than ever before. Although most of these new Six Samurai monsters won’t let you destroy your other Samurais to protect them, their extra ATK and new powers will make it harder than ever for your opponent to take down your Warriors.
Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan and Legendary Six Samurai – Enishi are each Level 4 Warriors that get a sweet Attack Point boost whenever it’s accompanied on the field by 2 or more other Six Samurais. Kizan starts off with 1800 ATK and jumps to 2100 ATK when its power kicks in. Enishi has 1700 ATK while it’s alone on the field, but gains an extra 500 ATK if you have 2 other Samurais out there.
The new Quick-Play Spell Card, Asceticism of the Six Samurai, lets you do some cool tricks with the Attack Point boosts of your Six Samurais. Since Asceticism of the Six Samurai Special Summons a Samurai from your Deck with the same ATK (but a different name) as a Samurai you choose from your side of the field, once Kizan gets its 300 ATK boost, you can activateAsceticism of the Six Samurai and pick Kizan in order to Special Summon a 2100 ATKGrandmaster of the Six Samurai.
Even if Kizan only has its base ATK of 1800, you can still activate Asceticism of the Six Samurai. That’ll let you Special Summon the 1800 ATK monster, The Six Samurai – Zanji, from your Deck. This will increases the size of your field to help make the Attack Point boosts kick in for Kizan and Enishi. You can also use it on Enishi to Summon The Six Samurai – Irou if you need to attack a pesky face-down monster.
But be careful when using Asceticism of the Six Samurai – the monster you choose when you activate Asceticism will be destroyed in the End Phase. Fortunately, this will usually give you enough time to put that Samurai to use and maybe even score a Duel-ending attack.
While 2100 and 2200 ATK is impressive for a Level 4 monster that you can Normal Summon from your hand, Kizan and Enishi’s other powers make them even better. Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan can be Special Summoned from your hand whenever you control a Six Samurai monster other than him. That makes it a cinch to Summon the 3 monsters you need on the field in order for the ATK boosts of your Samurais to kick in.
Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan also combos with Gateway of the Six to help you flood the field in a single turn! Gateway of the Six is a Continuous Spell Card that gets 2 Bushido Counters whenever you Summon a Six Samurai monster, and lets you remove 4 Bushido Counters from your side of the field to search your Deck or Graveyard for a Six Samurai monster and add it to your hand. If you have 2 copies of Gateway in your Spell and Trap Card Zone, you’ll get 4 Bushido Counters every time you Summon a Six Samurai. You can then remove those counters to grab a copy of Kizan, Special Summon it, and replace those Bushido Counters. You can keep doing this until your field is filled with Kizans and other Six Samurais.
Unlike Kizan, who helps you fill your field with monsters, Legendary Six Samurai – Enishikeeps the opponent’s monsters away. As long as you have another Six Samurai on the field, you can activate Enishi’s effect. By removing 2 Six Samurai monsters from your Graveyard, Enishi will return one face-up monster on your opponent’s side of the field back to his or her hand! You can only use this effect once per turn, but since it’s a Spell Speed 2 effect, you can use it during either player’s turn! That makes Enishi the perfect Samurai for getting rid of pesky Synchro Monsters like Stardust Dragon and Thought Ruler Archfiend.
You can also use Enishi’s power to return your own face-up monsters, including Enishi himself, to your hand. If you Summon Enishi while you have another Six Samurai on the field, or Summon a Six Samurai while you have Enishi on the field, and your opponent activates a Trap Card like Bottomless Trap Hole to destroy it, you can Chain Enishi’s effect to help your Samurai make a swift escape back into your hand.
Don’t forget, all of the Legendary Six Samurai monsters count as Six Samurai monsters, so the powers of your old and new Six Samurais are stronger when you use them together. You can pick up the latest Six Samurais for the first time at the Storm of Ragnarok Sneak Peek on February 5th and 6th!

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