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This weekend it’s the showdown in Crash Town between Yusei and his old friend Kalin Kessler. Kalin was last seen as a Dark Signer, but with Rex Goodwin’s defeat at the hands of Yusei, Jack, and Crow, Kalin and the rest of the Dark Signers were freed of the netherworld’s influence.
Even though he’s no longer a Dark Signer, Kalin still uses the Infernity Deck that he used in his previous Duels against Yusei. Of course, the Hundred-Eyes Dragon granted to him as a Dark Signer is no longer available, so Infernity Doom Dragon takes its place as Kalin’s ace monster.
To Summon Infernity Doom Dragon, you need to have a DARK-Attribute Tuner. The non-Tuner monsters can be anything you want. Its special ability lets you automatically destroy an opposing monster and deal damage equal to half its ATK each turn instead of attacking withInfernity Doom Dragon. Like the other Infernity monsters, the catch is that you can only use that effect if you have no cards in your hand.
Many Infernity monsters have effects you can use if you have no cards in your hand that will work even if you draw a card before they resolve. Some of the more powerful monsters require that you have no cards in your hand when you decide to use the effect as well as when the effect resolves. Here’s a handy guide to let you know which is which.
You only need to have no cards in your hand when you activate these cards’ effects:
Infernity Necromancer
Infernity Mirage
Infernity Doom Dragon
Infernity Force
Infernity Break
Infernity Barrier
You need to have no cards in your hand when you activate and resolve these cards’ effects:
Infernity Archfiend (The effect to add an “Infernity” card to your hand)
Infernity Beast
Infernity Randomizer
Infernity Beetle
Infernity Avenger
Infernity Destroyer
Infernity Launcher (The effect to Special Summon 2 “Infernity” monsters)
These cards have effects that are always active as long as you have no cards in your hand:
Infernity Guardian
Infernity Dwarf
If you want to build your own Infernity Deck, most of the cards you’ll need for it are from The Shining Darkness and Gold Series 3Infernity Beast is from Ancient Prophecy, and Infernity Necromancer and Infernity Force are both from Stardust Overdrive. You can find packs ofAncient Prophecy and Stardust Overdrive in the X-Saber Power Up.

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