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Jack Atlas is all about power, and his Power Giant is the perfect card to show it!
Power Giant is an easy-to-Summon Level 6 monster with 2200 ATK. You can send a weaker monster from your hand to your Graveyard, to Special Summon Power Giant straight to the field. While it’s on the field, Power Giant comes with the extra effect of stopping all effect damage that you would take while it’s attacking or being attacked.

Power Giant’s 2200 ATK is nothing the scoff at. Power Giant is strong enough to take down the most popular monsters, and even has enough ATK to defeat Cyber Dragon. Pitching a monster from your hand to add Power Giant to your field will make it tough for your opponent to overcome your power.
Power Giant starts out as a Level 6 monster, but can change its Level, depending on which monster you send to the Graveyard to Special Summon it. This power can come in handy when you’re shooting to make a specific Synchro Monster. By pitching the right monster, you can make Power Giant a monster of any Level between 2 and 5. This adds a ton of flexibility to your Synchro Summons.
Most often, you’ll probably want to send a Level 1 monster from your hand to your Graveyard to Special Summon Power Giant. Not only will this give it the most Levels to use in a Synchro Summon (5 Levels), but most of the popular monsters that you won’t mind sending to the Graveyard happen to be Level 1 monsters.
Level EaterVolcanic ShellSpore, and Grow-Up Bulb are all Level 1 monsters with effects that activate in the Graveyard. Sending Level Eater to the Graveyard to Special SummonPower Giant will allow you to immediately Special Summon Level Eater back to the field by deducting a Level from Power Giant. Sending Spore or Grow-Up Bulb to the Graveyard to Special Summon Power Giant will set you up with a Tuner to revive and use with your Power Giant.
Send these Level 1 monsters to the Graveyard to Special Summon Power Giant from your hand!

Some higher-Level monsters, like the Level 2 Plaguespreader Zombie and Level 3 Dandylion, also have effects that activate in the Graveyard. Plaguespreader Zombie gives you a Level 2 Tuner to use whenever you need it, and Dandylion lets you Special Summon 2 Fluff Tokens to the field when you pitch it to Special Summon Power Giant. Since sending Plaguespreader Zombie or Dandylion to the Graveyard to Special Summon Power Giant will decrease its Level by 2 and 3 respectively, they can be the perfect monsters to pitch when you want to Synchro Summon a lower-Level monster.
Try it out in a Volcanic Quickdraw Dandywarrior Deck (especially if you use Junk Synchron) or a Scrap Deck with Scrap Mind Reader. It’s hard to strike out with a huge Special Summon that also loads your Graveyard.
Since Power Giant is a Rock-Type monster, you can also use it in a Rock Stun Deck to beat down your opponent. While you have Koa’ki Meiru Sandman, Koa’ki Meiru Wall, or Koa’ki Meiru Guardian on the field, you can reveal Power Giant from your hand in the End Phase to prevent your Koa’ki Meiru from being destroyed. While you have extra monsters in your hand, you can Special Summon Power Giant instead, by sending one of them to the Graveyard.
Power Giant’s on-field effect can save you in a pinch, too. Since Power Giant reduces all effect damage to 0 while it’s attacking or being attacked, you can use it to safely attack into monsters like Reflect Bounder or Trap Cards like Magic Cylinder.
Power Giant’s strength can shift a Duel in your favor. Control its power, and control the Duel!

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