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Sneak Peeks for Starstrike Blast – coming to a store near you on November 6th / 7th!

Starstrike Blast will be revealed first at the Sneak Peek events on November 6th and 7th. Gather at your local store and play the new set before it is officially released!

Shoot straight for the stars, at the Starstrike Blast Sneak Peek. Synchro Summoning explodes with the most powerful Synchro monsters yet unleashed! Discover the power of the Karakuri Monsters, and an all-new Monarch! Not to mention new Spells and Traps to accelerate your strategy!

For your entrance fee to a Sneak Peek event, you will receive 5 Boosters of Starstrike Blast and a promotional card Archfiend Empress. You will then build a 20-card deck with the cards from your boosters and find other duelists to play against (if you need help with finding an opponent, the event organizer will assist). You can also try to get an exclusive Starstrike Blast Game Mat. You don’t have to be a skilled Duelist for that, as organizers will hand those out randomly, and everyone has a chance!

STBL-ENSP1 Archfiend Empress

DARK/Fiend - Effect/8/2900/2100

{If exactly 1 face-up DARK Fiend Monster other than this card would be destroyed, you can remove from play from your Graveyard 1 DARK Fiend Monster instead. If this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 DARK Fiend Monster with Level 5? or higher, other than "Archfiend Empress", and Special Summon it.}

Ultra Rare

STBL-ENSP1 Archfiend Empress

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