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With a Top 16 finish at YCS Toronto and lots of help from Duelist Revolution, Quickdraw Dandywarrior Decks are back in action at the Championship level!  There are lots of ways to build a Deck around Quickdraw Synchron: beyond the core of cards like Lonefire Blossom,Dandylion, and Debris Dragon, you could build a Deck with…
-More Plant-Types, plus cards like Pollinosis
-Water monsters like Swap Frog and Treeborn Frog, along with Spiritual Water Art – Aoi
-Machine-Types like Synchron Explorer and Genex Neutron
But no matter how you build your Quickdraw Deck, Drill Warrior will almost always be the heart of your strategy.  Now available as a Super Rare promo card in Duelist Revolution Special EditionDrill Warrior helps you win your Duels in several different ways.  Understanding how it makes you win is hugely important to your success with it, so let’s start with the obvious: damage.
When you can't destroy your opponent's monsters, Drill Warrior can attack directly.

Drill Warrior’s first effect lets you halve its ATK to make direct attacks: it’s the perfect way to keep the pressure on when you can’t get through your opponent’s big monsters.  Clear the way with cards like Dark Hole or Solemn Warning, and Drill Warrior can deal 2400 Battle Damage each turn.  It’s a flexible card that’s really good at wearing down your opponent’s Life Points.
You can use Drill Warrior to get the right monsters to your Graveyard.

Drill Warrior’s second effect serves alot of purposes, and the first is to discard monsters that are better off in the Graveyard.  Discard Dandylion to Special Summon 2 Fluff Tokens that you can use for Synchro Summons, Tributes, or to defend your Life Points.  PlaguespreaderZombie and Spore are both Tuners with effects that let you Special Summon them from the Graveyard, so discarding them can lead to big combos.  Here are some more ways you can make the most of Drill Warrior’s discard:
-Yusei fans can discard Quillbolt Hedgehog and Special Summon it later with its effect.
-Destiny Hero Duelists can discard Destiny Hero – Malicious or Destiny Hero – Dasher for their abilities.
-Discard Treeborn Frog to make Tribute Summoning and Synchro Summoning easier.
-Night Assailant lets you return a Flip Effect Monster to your hand when it’s discarded, so it’s a great way to get back Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter or Morphing Jar.
Remember, discarding for Drill Warrior’s ability isn’t a cost: it’s part of the effect.  That means that if you discard Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World, you’ll get to Special Summon it.  Or, discardBroww, Huntsman of Dark World to draw a card.
Reusing monsters is one of the best things about playing Drill Warrior.

When Drill Warrior is Special Summoned from the “removed zone” by its own effect, you get to return a monster from your Graveyard to your hand.  Above are three monsters that are usually played in Quickdraw Decks: each is deadly when you can keep using it turn after turn.  Bringing back Dandylion means you can discard it again for more Fluff TokensDebris Dragonwill let you Synchro Summon every turn; and Caius the Shadow Monarch removes your opponent’s best card, over and over.
There are lots of other great monsters to return to your hand, too.  Try some of these:
-Get back Synchron Explorer, so you can reuse Quickdraw Synchronfor Synchro Summons every turn.
-Make your opponent fight through Gorz the Emissary of Darkness a second time.
-Reuse the effect of Breaker the Magical Warrior to keep destroying Spells and Traps.
-Return Effect Veiler to your hand so you can keep negating monster effects.
Remember, Drill Warrior’s effect doesn’t target a specific monster in your Graveyard: if your opponent has D.D. Crow, he’ll have to guess which monster to remove, and you’ll still get to take another one back to your hand.  You can even use Foolish Burial to send any monster you need to the Graveyard, then add it to your hand with Drill Warrior.
Drill Warrior helps you deal Battle Damage, gets cards to the Graveyard so you can use their effects, and lets you reuse your best monsters.  With three big strengths and hundreds of different combos, all you have to do is decide how to play it, and what you’ll play it with.  The possibilities are endless!

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